Gillette launches Gillette Play with the star campaign

Gillette launches Gillette Play with the star campaign

Cricket is not just a sport in India; it’s a passion that transcends boundaries, it takes fans on an emotional rollercoaster. Cricket icons are worshipped in our country and youngsters often dream of a game with them someday. To make this dream come true, Gillette Mach3 and Fuzion5 have come up with a campaign titled ‘Play With The Stars’ which is a golden opportunity for select consumers to get a chance to meet their cricketing idols and play a game with them on purchase of Gillette’s Cricket edition pack. “Get a chance to play with the stars” is a digital film that bridges the gap between the fans and their favourite cricketers via this once-in-a-lifetime chance provided by the brand.

Whatever we do is designed keeping the consumer at the core. In India, cricket is followed with utmost passion and vigour. We therefore found it imperative to bring consumers to the sport they love the most through our brand. Shreyas and Shubman are at the top of their game currently and this is Gillette’s one of opportunity to all the cricket fanatics out there to come and fulfil their dream of playing with the stars” says, Abhishek Desai, Vice President – ISC Grooming and Brand Operations

The film shows a man watching cricket on his phone while shaving. The scene focuses on Shubman Gill batting and the man giving him batting tips like all of us do when our favourite player is on field. That is when Shubman enters the scene and challenges the man to prove his batting skills via a game of cricket. The film ends with a call to action to all the fans out there to buy the Mach3 or Fusion5 cricket edition pack and join the stars for a game of cricket.

Gillette and Cricket have been synonymous for a long time now right from onboarding legends like Sachin Tendulkar to leveraging the current superstars like Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill the brand aims to delight the consumers via such special initiatives.

Watch the film here:

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