Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card latest campaign cheers family time and promises mosquitoes protection

Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card latest campaign cheers family time and promises mosquitoes protection

Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand, from the house of Godrej Consumer Products Limited, unveiled a TVC campaign for Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card, an innovative spiral shaped paper-based mosquito repellent. The film highlights the moments spent with family are the ones that truly matter and Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card protects these moments from disease-causing mosquitoes. The TVC shows how using Jumbo Fast Card has an instant knock-down effect on mosquitos and promises up to 4 hours of protection guaranteeing uninterrupted ‘masti.’

The film opens with a father-daughter duo, where the father is talking to his wife who informs him that she will take 4 hours to get back home. She asks the father to not have too much fun to which the father replies okay while noticing some mosquitoes above his daughter’s head. Seeing this the father immediately lights up Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card whose powerful TFT technology provides up to 4 hr of protection. The father – daughter duo is then seen playing around the house without being interrupted by the mosquitoes. When the mother finally comes home, she looks around the house which is a mess and sighs. But when she spots the father – daughter duo sleeping peacefully on the couch, she smiles to herself and wishes that the family always stays protected and happy.

Commenting on the TVC, Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “As the leader in the household insecticides category, Goodknight is committed to innovating and providing effective yet safe solutions at an affordable price point. With this TVC campaign, we want to emphasize that the moments spent with family are the ones that truly matter, and they don’t need interruption especially from mosquitoes. Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card vouches to protect families so that these special moments are cherished. Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card with its fast action instantly provides relief from disease-causing mosquitoes for a longer time.”

Priya Pardiwalla and Steve Mathias, VPs & Executive Creative Directors, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, said, “The film is based on the insight that evenings are a time when we all come back home from work. A time to bond with families and play with our kids. But evenings are also a time when maximum mosquitoes enter our homes. Most of the solutions used in the evening don’t last long. The idea was focused on bringing alive a fun-filled evening between a dad and his daughter. And how Goodknight Jumbo Fast Card’s 4-hour long effect doesn’t let mosquitoes spoil their fun.”
In urban and rural areas, which are vulnerable to mosquito infestation, this revolutionary product does not rely on electricity. Goodknight Jumbo Fast Cards are available in a pack of 10 at a cost of INR 10. In other words, the cost per usage is as low as INR 1 only. Furthermore, it leaves a pleasant scent lingering in the room.

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