Goodknight Power Activ+ launches a digital film

Goodknight Power Activ+ has launched a digital film addressing the myth of mosquitoes not biting during day time. The film highlights the fact that dengue causing mosquitoes arrive in morning. Thus, families need to be safeguarded not just in the night but also from sunrise. With 50% more power, Goodknight Power Activ+ give families non-stop protection from dengue causing mosquitoes all day and night.

Conceptualized by Classic Films, this digital film showcases an Indian family going through their morning routine. The mother switches off Goodknight Power Activ+ liquid vaporizer saying, “Who switched on Goodknight in the morning”. The film ascertains the fact that we tend to switch off the liquid vaporizer in the morning. After a while, the mother comes back and notices that the machine is switched- on again, to which she asks her husband and son, they act clueless about it. The video ends with the husband and son playfully switching on the Goodknight Power Activ+ vaporizer and gets caught by mother in the act to which she asks “WHY”? The son replies saying “Subah subah dengue ke macchar aake kat tay hai” and the father says “Apni family ko bacha rahe the yaar”. The family shows their trust in Goodknight Power Activ+ as it gives non-stop protection from dengue causing mosquitoes all day and night with 50% more power

Speaking on the new digital film, Mr. Sunil Kataria, CEO – India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd said, “Dengue mosquitoes are very active during the day and therefore it is very important to safeguard oneself at this time.  However, around 92% population is unaware of the fact that day mosquitoes cause dengue as per ‘Good Knight Dengue Awareness’ report from AC Nielsen. Moreover, Children are the most vulnerable at this time. Goodknight, as a leader in the space, take it as a responsibility to introduce campaigns that bridges this awareness gap amongst people and urges them to stay protected from mosquitoes. With such initiatives, we are committed to offer superior products like Goodknight Power Activ+ which ensures complete protection from mosquitoes for the entire family.”

Goodknight Power Activ+ vaporizer contains 50% more Activ Molecules which makes it 50% more powerful. It comes with a high calibre porous wick with consistent flow and is compatible with all machines. When using Goodknight Power Activ+, one can switch between activ mode and normal mode, depending upon number of mosquitoes.

Link to the TVC: here

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