Great Learning launches their #ItPaysToUpskill campaign with brand ambassador Virat Kohli


Great Learning, a part of the BYJU’S group and a leading global edtech company for higher education and professional training has launched #ItPaysToUpskill, a breakthrough digital campaign highlighting the need for students and professionals to invest in upskilling to get high financial returns. The brand ambassador Virat Kohli is seen kickstarting this 360-degree digital campaign by urging professionals to  invest in upskilling as it can be the best investment in the uncertain macroeconomic conditions of today.

The entire premise  of this campaign is to highlight how upskilling impacts one’s income levels and how those salary increments compound over time. Hence upskilling early on in one’s career can yield tremendous returns and also help individuals meet their financial goals sooner. With the looming economic recession and uncertain market conditions, upskilling is one investment that carries zero risk while still providing high returns. This is showcased in the campaign through a series of quirky posts, reels and videos on the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin handles of Great Learning.

Professionals who upskill in high-growth domains like Data Science, AI & Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Software Development etc. can earn up to ₹1.1Cr more than their peers over a period of 10 years as per Great Learning. With the increased income levels after upskilling, professionals can put together their target retirement corpus up to 10 years earlier than people who don’t upskill. Such data that’s highlighted in this campaign is drawn from the Great Learning Upskilling Financial Impact Report 2022 which was released earlier this year.

Speaking about the campaign, Aparna Mahesh, Chief Marketing Officer, Great Learning said, “The ever evolving nature of work and the skill gaps it creates makes upskilling an obvious choice. But it’s also a decision that is very easy to postpone as there is no instant gratification. Also, there has been no quantification of what people are leaving behind on the table by delaying decisions to invest in upskilling. To solve this, we have illustrated the monetary benefits of upskilling and how they compound over the long term. Research was carried out to curate data that revealed how upskilling in top performing domains can add immense value to people’s careers and their earning potential. The findings were summed up in the  Great Learning Upskilling Financial Impact Report 2022  which together with the current market scenario resulted in the narrative that we’re putting out through this campaign.”

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