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#GreaterTogether with the newest collection of platinum love bands

MediaInfoline November 25, 2019

“I am a re-write obsessive” and “SHE – a one-take wonder” – These lines from the latest digital film launched by Platinum Days of Love are just a short glimpse of the film that unfolds to tell the most endearing story of a couple. Two accomplished individuals in their own field – the boy a celebrated writer and the girl – a revered actor, fall in love & their love creates something bigger, a third space that is, #GreaterTogether

Conceptualized and developed by Dentsu Webchutney, the film supports an empowering new narrative from Platinum Days of Love, a narrative that is based on being “GreaterTogether”. It is the thought that holds together all facets of the new season’s collection of Platinum Love Bands. The perception of togetherness, in a relationship has often been tainted with idea of compromise and adjustments. Falling in love has been consistently portrayed & reinforced even culturally as a situation where one is expected to lose a sense of self, where one needs to sacrifice to make it work. Differences in personality, preferences, and beliefs have often been seen as challenges that need to be overcome if the relationship needs to stay. But today couples are redefining the idea of togetherness. Rare though it may be, we do see examples of a relationship that is bigger than the individuals in it. One that is built over respect for individual uniqueness & what each brings to the table. This new identity stands for a greater US’ than they each do individually. Platinum Days of love marks & celebrates a relationship based on this rare quality. Saluting couples who can come together to build an even more formidable force where differences add perspective & similarities are built on to make one stronger!

In a first of its kind, #GreaterTogether has also been translated into a brand experience for couples. One of the most unique aspects of the film created for this campaign is the usage of an innovative ‘split-screen tool’ that needs you and your partner to bring together your phones to watch the whole film. This creative innovation magnifies the campaign idea of #GreaterTogether, to show that together, we see things that maybe we would have missed by ourselves.

“Perception wise relationships & compromise seem to be tightly locked in as 2 sides of the same coin. The progressive stance around relationships today however is the coming together of 2 accomplished individuals – the creation of a greater partnership. It is where the popular culture narrative & depiction power – couples, super – couples emerges from. Complementing each other, building off each other rather than pinning & pulling each other down is aspirational. This truth is true for our collection, it’s communication & the experience to – hence named #GreaterTogether,” said Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director – Platinum Guild International – India

Pravin Sutar, Executive Creative Director – Dentsu Webchutney added, “We’ve all seen many ad films about courtship, but how often do we get to actually experience the feeling conveyed by these films? By creating a #GreaterTogether experience where couples could watch our film by pairing their phones, we were able to do away with age-old romantic clichés like, ‘You complete me’. As individuals, we’re independent, successful and great, as it is. So, when you and your partner come together, you’re greater.”


Link to the #GreaterTogether brand film by PDOL.


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