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GREY group India’s new campaign for Britannia Veg Cakes

MediaInfoline August 29, 2016

The love for cake is universal. Kids swear by it, adults love it as much. However, vegetarians often skip cakes because they are made with eggs.Plus, there’s a notion that eggless cakes aren’t as good as regular cakes. Britannia’s range of Veg cakes are 100% Eggless and 100% yummy, thus spreading the joy of eating cakes to one and all.

The starting point of the communication was to emphatically communicate the fact that Britannia has veg cakes (read Eggless) while upping the ante on delight and indulgence.

In the latest TVC from Britannia, we are privy to an endearing moment between mother and child, over a few slices of the delightful Britannia Veg Cakes. Kids are known to ask questions imbued with innocence, wonder and often naughtiness. And more often than not, adults grapple for the right answers.

Grey Bangalore has conceptualized TVCs in which the child conjures fun riddles around Britannia Veg cakes, kicking off a fun banter.

Vishal Ahluwalia, Vice President and Office Head, GREY Bangalore said, “While devices are taking over the parents-kid bonding space, we wanted Britannia cakes to kick start a delicious revolution based on naughty/fun conversations. Conversations that enhance the quality of life between parents & kids. The campaign was built on this idea of bringing back delight of conversation into relationships. As closer the one is, the more likely to create newer ways of interaction. In our campaign fun riddles brings the child – parent relationship closer and help continue to grow their bond.”

In the spot titled ‘Flight’, the little girl is lying on the bed, playing with her pigtails as she poses a riddle to her mom – “What is vegetarian, yummy and can fly?” The mother is at her wit’s end, and clearly doesn’t know the answer. The girl immediately gives the answer – Britannia Veg cakes, picks up a slice, and flies it like a plane into her mouth and smiles happily. The mom smiles at her daughter’s naughty ingenuity and also picks out a piece and bites into it with delight.

In the spot titled ‘Invisible’, we see the little girl in a comfy make-shift tent, calling her mom in the other room, via a string telephone. She poses a riddle – “What is vegetarian, yummy and vanishes in an instant”? The mother expresses confusion, as she tries to make sense of this question. The girl immediately takes a slice of Britannia Veg Cakes, pretends to do a magic trick and plops it in her mouth, saying “Gaayab”. Seeing this, the mother also joins in and does the same thing as they both burst into laughter!

Both spots sign off with “Britannia Veg Cakes. 100% Veg, 100% Yummy”

The films, in an engaging manner challenge the usually accepted notion of eggless cakes being the poor cousins of ‘real’ cakes. Pushing cake consumption in vegetarian households, assuring the mom of its 100% Veg-ness and delighting the kid, simultaneously.

Along with Veg Cakes, Britannia has also launched Muffils – little muffins with gooey centres in chocolate and strawberry flavors. These muffins are pure delight and enjoyment – sure to be every kid’s favorite treat. After all, it promises “Every Bite mein mmmm….”

Youtube Link:

Britannia Cake – Flight –

Britannia Cake – Invisible –

Britannia Cake – Muffills –

Credit List :

Servicing: Amarendra Singh, Jayendra Katti

Planning: Barsha Chakrborty

Creative: Ram Jayaraman, Sandipan Bhattacharya

Films: Sharad Shinde, Samir Chadha

PR & Corporate Communications: Sonal Sheth

Clients:Nidhi Saraf, Raghav. R.

Production House:Like Minded Films

Director: Sandipa Rakshit

Producer: Ruchi Mehta


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  1. Parth September 19, 2016

    Please tell the name of the girl in the britannia cake invisible ad……please tell i would be very thankgul to you


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