GSK’s Ostocalcium Plus aims to create awareness around bone health in women with its latest campaign

GSK’s Ostocalcium Plus launches a campaign to create awareness around bone health in women

According to a recent study, 41% of adults in India suffer from bone health issues, however, only 10% of them use supplementation in their diet or take action about it.  Especially women who are considered as the backbone of their families, take a backseat when it comes to prioritizing their own health. After the age of 30, women tend to start losing Calcium from their bones that might not be sufficiently fulfilled through their daily diet. Ostocalcium Plus, a leading calcium supplement from GSK aims to bridge the gap and create awareness around the importance of bone health among women. 

Commenting on this Anurita Chopra, Head of Marketing, India Subcontinent, GSK Consumer healthcare said, “Ostocalcium is a heritage brand that has been trusted by Indians for decades. Through our new television commercial, we aim to bring the spotlight on bone health and its relevance in everyday life. As women continue to stretch themselves at every level and conquer newer heights, it’s important that they prioritize their own health with Ostocalcium Plus.”

The campaign highlights the never-ending responsibilities of a woman, where she manages the household and her family effortlessly. While she is fulfilling her duties, she often neglects her own health which can lead to weak bones. The film shows the story in the life of a strong mother who can effortlessly lift her son and carry him to his bed without disturbing his sleep. The film is seeded with the mother’s need to have stronger bones as women start losing Calcium post thirty years of age. Through this campaign, the brand wants to educate women about bone health and aims to help them recognize the early signs. The commercial ends with an Ostocalcium Plus packshot and reiterating the tagline “Do Haddiyon ko Dum with Ostocalcium” which aims to bring the message of “Stronger Bones for Active Life”.

Indian women whose bones are prone to becoming weak and brittle can address the issue in its early stages through regular check-ups, taking up physical activities, paying attention to a healthy diet that includes supplementation of bone nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D3.

Ostocalcium Plus offers the much-needed supplementation of Calcium and Vitamin D3 which helps maintain bone strength. It also strengthens the bones by providing Calcium equivalent to 2 cups of milk from 2 tablets.

Watch the film here.

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