Halfglassfull conceptualized ad campaign for TradeSmart

Halfglassfull conceptualized ad campaign for TradeSmart

A venture by VNS Finance Pvt. Ltd., TradeSmart Online launched a new campaign which has been conceptualized and executed by Halfglassfull. The ad campaign comes with the underlying theme of the company’s tagline – Smart Bano, Smart Chuno. The campaign contains two advertisements showcasing the user experience received by using TradeSmart. The ad also brings people’s attention to the per-transaction fee of INR 15.

Vikas Singhania, Executive Director, TradeSmart said, “We are really passionate about technology and also about making the trading experience for our clients smoother than ever. The lockdown witnessed an increase in the number of people wanting to trade online and invest their money in stocks. And we see a great opportunity here. We value our customers and are proud of our quick, reliable, and efficient management system” Online trading activity has seen a 47 percent increase in the number of customers during January-July 2020 with a 20% increase in first-time investors. The company also aims to highlight its user-friendly mobile app SINE for stock trading as more and more retail investors also flock to equity markets. 

Neha Singhania, Vice President, Business Development said, “This is an extremely crucial time for us to reach out to as many individuals as possible that wish to pursue online trading because our goal at TradeSmart is to make that experience wonderful for them. We have a great working association with Halfglassfull for our past campaign and this one too, we are expecting some great results.” 

Santosh Gupta, Founder, and Director, Halfglassfull Advertising said, “We wanted to curate both the ads, which are part of the campaign in a way, that they seem relatable to TradeSmart’s target audience. So we have created two environments; one of a man at a salon and another one about a family guy, where we highlight the idea that TradeSmart is here to make your online trading stint effort simpler and easier.”

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