Hamdard Laboratories launches 12 new Unani medicines

Hamdard Laboratories strengthen its medicine portfolio; launches twelve new Unani medicines for overall health and wellness

Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) launches 12 new over the counter medicines for treating cough, cold, fever, etc. Hamdard is the country’s favorite Unani medicinal brand and it continues to offer advantages of some of the most trusted Unani formulations. The brand’s medicines provide holistic healthcare with no side effects.

The newly launched products contain single ingredients that are known to boost body immunity and overall health, such as Jamun powder along with Zafran, Aswagandhi, Gilo, and Kalonji. The renowned Unani laboratory has introduced its first-ever range of medicines namely Habb-e-Bukhar for fever, Khameera Hameedi to strengthen the body, immunity enhancer Sufoof-e-Satte Gilo, and Lauq Sapistan for cold and cough.

Additionally, the brand is also launching a sachet version of Ayush Joshanda, one of their most trusted product. Along with these, the brand has also launched a medicine named Memoprash which can be taken as a unique memory enhancement product for both kids and adults.

Commenting on the launch of new products, Mr. Abdul Majeed, Chairman, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) said“With the commencement of vaccine immunization program, healthcare has rightfully taken the center stage in our lives. It is imperative, now more than ever, to build up the physical and mental health of the people. With our commitment to holistic healthcare, we have launched an array of multiple products to strengthen our bodies from the inside out. We encourage everyone to prioritize their health and strengthen their immunity through holistic Unani solutions.”

“At Hamdard, we have put our best foot forward in R&D to keep enhancing the quality of our products. We will continue to launch products that will help consumers tide over hard times and keep themselves healthy.” Mr. Majeed further added.

As part of the brand’s healthy India initiative, it has rolled out health vans in cities like Lucknow, New Delhi, Meerut, Ghaziabad, and Noida.

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