Hamdard salutes Armed forces and Police in its #SehatHaiToWatanHai campaign

Hamdard salutes Armed forces and Police in #SehatHaiToWatanHai

Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), a progressive, research-based health and wellness organization offering Unani medicines to provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare, dedicates its national campaign #SehatHaiToWatanHai to India’s armed forces and police for their selfless service round the clock. In the second phase of the campaign, Hamdard salutes the soldiers for their unwavering commitment to the nation. In addition, the company is supplementing the initiative by offering special offers to the nation’s vigilant keepers.

With the 2nd leg of ‘Sehat Hai To Watan Hai’ campaign, Hamdard Laboratories has come forward in organizing health camps for the Armed Forces and the Police, Coast Guards, BSF Jawans. The company is organizing these camps at various police colonies in Delhi and Ghaziabad and looking forward to cover more cities in the coming days. Hamdard  is also encouraging frontline workers to get a free health check-up done at Hamdard Wellness Centers and tips from the Unani doctors on how to stay fit, build immunity, fight symptoms and suggestions on post-recovery medicines. Under the ‘Sehat Hai To Watan Hai’ initiative, the patients will also get attractive discounts on the best of Hamdard’s Unani medicines.

Elaborating on the initiative, Abdul Majeed, Chairman & Managing Trustee, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), said, “Commitment to self-care is critical as the nation grapples with the third COVID wave. While we continue to provide quality healthcare products to all, we find it critical to care for our armed forces and the police of the nation for their selfless service. Their holistic well-being and health protection is our responsibility as they continue to protect the nation. We extend our gratitude through dedicating #SehatHaiToWatanHai to our armed force, frontline workers and commit to providing the best of Unani solutions for their brighter and healthier future.”

Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) launched a digital marketing campaign, “Sehat Hai to Watan Hai”, to step in and help people rejuvenate, restore and revitalise the lost energy. The campaign urged people to be mindful of their health and pursue a healthier lifestyle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. A part of Hamdard’s “Healthy India Hamdard India” initiative, this new campaign was featured across social media platforms along with e-commerce and entertainment portals to engage with audiences.

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