Happydent Spreads a Do-Good Message with ‘Dikha Battissi Kar Baat Achhi Si’


‘Have you ever used your sparkling smile to bring about change, or simply to nudge someone’s sleeping consciousness’? Happydent’s latest TVC confers the dazzling white smile a meaningful role of an enabler that triggers thoughtfulness. The well-known and much loved brand from the house of Perfetti Van Melle, Happydent’s imaginative, out-of-the-box communication has made it the preferred brand of the Indian consumer and the latest showcase takes the high voltage smile narrative to a different level of fun coupled with thoughtfulness.

A lot has changed in the world around us since the brand’s last TVC was aired 10 years ago. With the enormous changes to life as we knew it, we as individuals find ourselves giving lesser consideration to softer human nuances or the virtue of simple ‘goodness’. Happydent decided to shine its sparkling white light on this very nuance, and seed its core messaging around a simple everyday situation that we all may encounter in our lives. The narrative plays out in the middle of a packed public transport, where a lady politely asks two men to vacate the ladies seat and her request is met with denial. Two youngsters sitting nearby decide to help. They consume Happydent and flash their power packed sparkling white smile on the “Ladies Seat” sign clearly marked over the assigned seat.  The high voltage smile acts as an agent of unification for all the passengers on the bus to do something good and we see the men sheepishly getting up from a wrongfully occupied seat. The tag line – ‘Dikha Battissi Kar Baat Achhi Si’ encompasses within it, the heart of the message the brand wishes to highlight – that of goodness with a smile.

TVC Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1YZzSHBHpw

Conceptualized by celebrated lyricist, poet, CEO and CCO of McCann Worldgroup India, Mr. Prasoon Joshi, the new TVC is a progression from the previous campaigns where the brand encompasses a wider spectrum of audience and takes a higher ground while addressing relevant social issues that we face on a day-to-day basis. He penned the jingle in the advert to reflect the same message.

Speaking about the ad, Mr Prasoon Joshi said, Happydent is a brand that one has partnered and nurtured since its launch in India. It’s been an incredible journey of ideas which have connected with the consumers at many levels. There are always high expectations around Happydent’s communication and with this recent one, we are attempting to layer a relevant social dimension to brand’s work. I am positive that this too shall connect with the audience”.

Speaking about the new TVC, Rajesh Ramakrishnan – Managing Director, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Chewing Gum is a segment that does not require much deliberation when it comes to purchase. Happydent has always brought a smile through its quirky and humorous communication which are centered around the benefit of Bright and Sparkling Smiles. The new campaign is an extension of this very philosophy, where the brand also plays a more meaningful role in the lives of the consumers.”

Elaborating on this new TVC and the thought behind it, Mr. Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Happydent is one of our power brands in the country and enjoys immense love and adulation amongst the Indian audience. Through the new TVC, we continue to own the space of ‘Sparkling Smiles’ coupled with a strong purpose of awakening social consideration, a value that should be embraced in today’s challenging times.  Nothing is more rewarding that a sparkling smile which can help you challenge and change habitual mindsets and nudge a small change. It was important to keep the legacy of the Happydent ad intact yet make it more relatable and relevant to the social situations of our consumer’s life and this new TVC does full justice to the brand proposition.”

Brand Credits:

  • Rohit Kapoor – Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India
  • Ritesh Sud – Associate Director (Category), Perfetti Van Melle India
  • Harshdeep Singh – Group Product Manager, Perfetti Van Melle India
  • Saket Jain – Brand Manager, Perfetti Van Melle India

Agency Credits:

  • Creative Team:
    • Prasoon Joshi – Chairman McCann Worldgroup, Asia Pacific CEO & CCO McCann Worldgroup, India
    • Kapil Batra – ECD, Head of Creative, New Delhi
  • Director:
    • Prakash Varma, Nirvana

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