HDFC Bank collaborates with Kinnect for Mooh Band Rakho

HDFC Bank collaborates with Kinnect for Mooh Band Rakho

HDFC Bank and Kinnects collaborate together for a new campaign Mooh Band Rakho, which is about spreading awareness of cyber frauds and also how to prevent them. 

Post-COVID-19 period there has been a massive increase in cybercrime has been noticed. The reason for the frauds is mostly due to lack of information and non-adoption of secure banking practices. Therefore, HDFC Bank launched the campaign Mooh Band Rakho as a symbolism to stop frauds and COVID-19, both. The campaign has been created strategically with an idea that keeping your mouth shut is the safest way to prevent these frauds from happening. In the same way, keeping your mouth covered can also prevent one from spreading COVID-19.

On can prevent these frauds by simply not sharing the card details, Expiry Date, NetBanking/ MobileBanking details, CVV, OTP, Login ID & Password over Phone/ email/ SMS/ social media. The campaign has been launched ahead of the International Fraud Awareness Week 2020, a global movement to minimize the impact of the frauds. 

For spreading out the message the bank has also collaborated with its digital agency Kinnect and reached out to various dance and content creators on Instagram for bringing this campaign lively and full of fun. The creators are leveraging reels on Instagram to capitalize the campaign with over 19 million views and more than 1.5 million engagements in just 42-hours.

Speaking on the campaign, Chandni Shah – COO of Kinnect said, “Mooh Band Rakho against online payment frauds was a strong message that we wanted to widespread. With audiences on the lookout for content during the lockdown that was engaging, interactive, and interesting, we ensured the campaign ticked all the boxes along with being informative. Noticing that the reels feature was extensively pushed by Instagram through its Explore section, we leveraged it to get the first-mover advantage and reached an even wider audience.”

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