HDFC Bank rolls out two films; Highlights many use of Credit Cards

HDFC Bank Credit card campaigns

HDFC Bank has released two films for its credit card portfolio. The films conceived by Kinnect focused on how one can do more with their HDFC Bank Credit Card and highlighted its offerings.

In our constantly evolving lifestyle, being time-crunched has become a norm. We live busy lives, shuffling between work and family, fulfilling personal and household needs, and in some cases having to manage kids too. When on some days it gets tough to catch a breather, it is ‘convenience’ that comes to the rescue! And when talking about convenience, the first thing that comes to mind is HDFC Bank Credit Cards – hassle-free, time-saving, and indispensable. HDFC Bank Cards give unmatched value and spell bonanza for the wise user.

It would surprise anyone what HDFC Bank Credit Cards can do! Emphasizing this idea, the brand released two informative yet fun films highlighting the various payments one could make using HDFC Bank Credit Cards that most users were not aware of. The films were set up in usual surroundings, with people spending time together, and a group of friends playing a game.  Each film revolved around a relatable scenario of people interacting, bringing in an element of surprise by highlighting that one could use their HDFC Bank credit cards for paying bills, fees, insurance premiums, online shopping, in-store purchases, and even rent. Unbelieve? But true!

Watch the video below:

Video 1: here

Video 2: here

“As India’s largest Credit Card provider and a digital-first bank, we want to harness the power of digital to spread awareness amongst customers. These films are part of the bank’s broader strategy to come back with a bang with our credit card portfolio. They have been visualized to showcase the utility of our cards, taking it beyond conventional usage. With people increasingly using credit cards today, we want them to know the value it adds to their lives. Hence, we released films that were fun to watch, informative, and made our customers aware of payments they didn’t know they could make using HDFC Bank Credit Cards,” said Ravi Santhanam, CMO, Head Corporate Communication, Head Liability Products, and Managed Programmes, HDFC Bank.

Talking about the idea, Chandni Shah – COO at Kinnect, said, “In the last one year, people have extensively adopted digital payments, and seldom transact using cash. And while users rely on HDFC Bank credit cards for their purchases, bill payments, and shopping, through these films, we wanted to highlight that one could do so much more using these cards. The films were crafted to spread awareness around the convenience of using credit cards, as well as to spotlight the unimaginable payments that people could rely on HDFC Bank for.”

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