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Hindware’s #BuildAToiletBuildHerFuture Initiative Empowers Girl School Dropouts

Madhushree Chakrabarty November 20, 2020

This World Toilet Day, which has become a crucial day in reiterating our commitment to health, hygiene and cleanliness as a raging pandemic keeps taking lives. Keeping this in mind, Health-Hygiene-Cleanliness brands like Harpic, Hindware etc are driving some unique campaigns making people aware of health and hygiene issues. Hindware, the leading bathware brand took this one step further with their #buildatoiletbuildherfuture campaign, which showcases the importance of toilets in making a household healthy and safe.

Empowering Girls With Hygiene Facilities

This is part of their year round initiative – Hygiene that Empowers which focuses on the girl child’s right to education. The #buildatoiletbuildherfuture campaign urges that a healthy schooling will only be possible when schools are equipped with toilets for young girls. Thus, giving the idea that building a toilet ultimately helps in building her future.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Shashvat Somany, Vice President – Strategy, HSIL said – “As the leader in the bathroom space in India, we felt that we had a responsibility to use our expertise to help spread awareness for this issue and thereby help empower girls across our nation. We have partnered with MA My Anchor, a non-profit organization committed to the welfare of the underprivileged that has been working relentlessly to create awareness and promote girl child education. We, as a socially responsible organisation, are committed to support the community that we are a part of and will actively contribute to change the lives of our community members for the better.”

Nearly 20 million girls drop out from schools due to lack of toilets. Through the #buildatoiletbuildherfuture campaign, the company is seeking to address this by making people aware of the long term effect of this.

Building Toilets in Village Schools

The campaign is initiated in a phased manner with a long term vision to be extended to the national level. Hindware is walking the talk as they are adopting schools across 8 villages in Haryana to help in building the necessary infrastructure to maintain and construct toilets in these schools.

The awareness campaign is being amplified by a 360-degree integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels. The film would be advertised in all print and electronic media.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sandip Somany, Chairman & Managing Director, Brilloca Ltd. said, ‘Sanitation is central to environmental health as well as to individual health, growth and development. In developing countries like India where lack of access to private and proper sanitization facilities is recorded as one of the top barriers to girls’ education, it is imperative that we work towards providing a conducive environment that encourages continued schooling. Integrating the need of the hour with the nature of our business, we have launched this initiative’.

The company has also thought of hosting a virtual program called Design Her Future, where sustainable toilet designers and architects will brainstorm for 3 weeks to make viable designs which will be further judged based on their ease of installation and maintenance by an esteemed panel and the winning toilet models will be used across the adopted schools under this initiative.


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