HONOR India Encourages ‘21 Days of Positivity’ Through An Initiative

HONOR India Encourages ‘21 Days of Positivity’ Through Social Media Initiative

HONOR India recently started an initiative on their social media to spread positivity amidst the ongoing situation. Titled as ‘21 days of Positivity’, the initiative aims at uplifting the consumers while they are staying at home to fight the current pandemic. For the people to stay motivated and optimistic during this time, the brand is using their social media handles – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to highlight various other aspects of life and surroundings that are favored due the current scenario.

One might feel overwhelmed with various thoughts and worries these days, which may lead to arising negativity and stress among people. To counter these adverse thoughts, HONOR India encourages people to look at the positive traits around and work towards cheering friends and family with the same positivity.

Fostering the sense of social cohesion and reminding people of the good in the world, HONOR India creatively talks about various facets. The skies clearing up, the air quality getting better, birds chirping in the morning, people getting more time to keep up with their mental and physical health, etc. are some of the positive outcomes to keep us charged up and motivated. Among other optimistic ways to look at the current situation are the ability to spend more time with family or to pursue individuals’ hobbies such as cooking, reading, drawing/ sketching, etc.

HONOR India longs to spread the positivity and hope through these posts, inducing the viewers to fathom the brighter benefits. Believing that staying home and staying positive is a core ingredient in the recipe for successfully managing such difficult times, the brand encourages everyone to not just preach but also practice the #LockdownWontGetMeDown. HONOR India is putting one post on ‘21 Days of Positivity’ every day and has been receiving good engagement on the same. Here are the links for the Facebook posts – Post 1Post 2Post 3 and Post 4 and Tweets – Tweet 1Tweet 2Tweet 3 and Tweet 4 to follow the initiative.

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