ICICI Lombard Advocates People to Prioritise Fire Safety and Precaution

ICICI Lombard Advocates People to Prioritise Fire Safety and Precaution

ICICI Lombard has entered into a collaboration with the firefighters of Mumbai, to promote a safe Diwali.

The insurer has launched a digital campaign endorsing a safe Diwali for you and your loved ones. This communication is via a song sung by the firefighters of Mumbai and highlights the safety and health standards for oneself.

Traditionally, celebrated as the festival of lights, over the recent years the festival has become synonymous with incidents of fire due to burning crackers, causing severe injuries leading to hospital admissions across the country. The event has also been marred by several instances of fire outbursts due to firecrackers, which require fire brigade assistance in dousing the blaze. The motto being practice a `safe and happy,’ without compromising on the spirit of celebration.   

Given India’s rich musical heritage, ICICI Lombard has opted for a very eclectic ‘lyrical storytelling’ as a medium of expression. As a festival that is celebrated for victory over evil, the company has used the traditional Aarti as a way of communicating the message. The lyrics of the song, convey the safety guidelines, the dos and don’ts while bursting firecrackers.

Campaign Plot

The campaign is a montage of firefighters singing an Aarti giving out fire safety instructions. The video opens with a firefighter getting ready for work, putting on his uniform, singing the lyrics of the safety Aarti – Shubh Deepavali Saavdhaan. This is followed by other firefighters doing their chores, while singing the Aarti with a smile on their faces. The video then cuts to a scene where these firefighters are being trained on the dos and don’ts during a fire emergency. In one of the scenes, the firefighters get an emergency call, sirens ablaze they rush to provide assistance. We then see them coming back to the office tired but still singing the song. The video ends with the message that like every year the firemen will be there for our safety, but let us fulfil our role and uphold the promise to celebrate a responsible and secure Diwali.

ICICI Lombard has been consistently developing topical communiqué in its attempt to get consumers to #DoTheDifficult by keeping difficult promises. This campaign aims to create a communication that stands out from the clutter and noise during Diwali and conveys a message to the audience – the message of safety for self and the loved ones. This is in line with the company’s focus to go beyond the traditional role of insurance to make the customers opt for right choices for them and their loved ones. ICICI Lombard has been developing a series of heart-touching awareness campaigns based on their adage “Nibhaye Vaade” since the past four years.

On the campaign, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard said, “When you read something you tend to forget it very quickly. You see something, over time you may retain a few bits of it. But, if you hear a song, it will tug at your heart and you might end up humming it for the rest of your life. Since we all know the Aarti, Shubh Deepavali Saavdhaan is our new fire safety mantra. The lyrics of this song are quirky and are performed by bonafide firefighters of Mumbai. The fire safety instructions, coming from the real-life heroes make you pause and think for a moment. So, this Diwali we would like to urge everyone practice a safe Diwali. Here’s wishing everyone a Shubh and Saavdhaan Deepavali.”

Ogilvy Mumbai, Group Creative Directors, Talha Mohsin & Mahesh Parab, “Diwali is not just a festival in India. It’s a time when friends come over, families reunite and fun follows. But there is a darker side to the festival of lights. Fire accidents shoot up considerably during the time of Diwali causing loss of life and property. So, this Diwali we wanted people to be safe by following some simple safety instructions. But we realized that safety instructions can be dull and boring especially on a day filled with fun and joy. So, we gave it a twist of a Diwali Aarti being sung by real firefighters. Thus, these unsung heroes who sacrifice their Diwali to answer the call of duty and keep us safe, became the brand ambassadors of a safe Diwali.”

Conceptualized and executed by Ogilvy, ICICI Lombard’s Creative Agency, the video is being promoted across ICICI Lombard’s social media assets and digital platforms.

You can watch the video here.

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