ICICI Lombard’s ‘Game of Life’ campaign redefines Insurance


ICICI Lombard a leading insurance company in India in yet another innovative & path breaking move to redefine insurance communication, has launched an innovative integrated media campaign ‘Game of Life’. This first-of-its-kind concept in the insurance sector marries the thrill of gaming with the pragmatism of insurance. Breaking away from the industry’s reliance on celebrity endorsements or the traditional marketing ideas, this campaign harnesses the alluring appeal of virtual games, an innovative approach that resonates deeply with the digital-native generation and enhances the appeal of the brand not only amongst younger audience but also as a tech centric player.

The core of the campaign is a captivating film, set in a virtual gaming world mirroring the real one, where the protagonist faces life’s challenges in a third-person game interface. The life/power bar, a key element in the narrative, ebbs and flows in response to the character’s experiences. It visually depicts how life’s trials, like an unexpected illness or an accident, deplete our ‘power,’ metaphorically emphasizing the vital role of insurance in such scenarios. The choreography and orchestration of the treatment are not only visually appealing but also very impactful and immersive. This concept is industry-first and disruptive in highlighting the need for health insurance.

The promotional film features real humans who act like gaming characters within a virtual environment. The protagonist faces the challenge of making choices between healthy and non-healthy options, showcasing the impact of these decisions on their health. This aligns seamlessly with ICICI Lombard’s core values of promoting healthy choices to maintain well-being while also providing support in unforeseen exigencies. The campaign aims to position ICICI Lombard as more than just an insurance provider. It is depicted as a crucial ally empowering individuals to confront and overcome life’s hurdles, symbolizing the ‘power button’ that helps players keep their batteries in the ‘green zone’ or ‘protected zone’. From daily challenges to significant setbacks, ICICI Lombard’s insurance solutions are the key to preparedness and resilience, turning the tide in favour of the insured.

Sheena Kapoor – Head Marketing, Corporate Communications & CSR, ICICI Lombard said, “We are really excited about our new brand campaign ‘Game of Life’. In our constant endeavour for innovation, the campaign is an original and disruptive take with a unique narrative and tonality inspired from gaming world and gaming characters! The central theme being the game of life is wrought with uncertainties and urges the viewer to stay protected and ‘revive’ oneself with ICICI Lombard’s insurance solutions. By putting the characters in a game-like scenario, we created a relatable story combining situations from real-life to communicate how life can be enhanced when you have apt protection shield in place. Gamification was not just merely a creative choice, but a strategic endeavour to engage with the audiences, especially the younger generation to help them appreciate the value of insurance early in life.”

Talha Bin Mohsin & Mahesh Parab – Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, said “If our lives weren’t complicated enough, the pace at which our everyday world is evolving makes each day of ours a little more unpredictable. A lot like a video game. This observation is what led us to a unique execution which captured the vulnerability of our lives today. Stressing the natural need for a higher level of protection which comes effortlessly to an insurance giant like ICICI Lombard with its innovative suite of insurance products. Almost making ICICI Lombard the Respawn button of our lives.”

This campaign is part of ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive strategy with integrated mass media approach, with an initial launch on digital platforms, followed by Television. Alongside the launch, the campaign will be further disseminated to the brand’s channel partners and customers ensuring a widespread and impactful presence.

To watch the campaign click here

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