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In the latest digital campaign of OkCupid, Indian millennials reclaim love

Shreoshree Chakrabarty December 8, 2020

Reclaims love for Indian millennials, International dating app OkCupid launches its latest digital campaign titled ‘Love is…’. Finding the kind of person that is unique to your individual personality, values and aspirations, the bespoke love is the concept for the campaign. From romantic dates to sharing memes, every person is seeking a different kind of love and the campaign recognizes this and celebrates the uniqueness that is valid, accepted and deserves to be celebrated.

Reading the news in 2020 would convince you that romance is dead and buried and that ‘Love’ has become a cringe word. However, the truth is quite different! A completely different result shows the engagement of over a million daters on OkCupid. Over 3000 questions were asked on the app, breaking stereotypes about what relationships mean for dating Indian millennials and the campaign draws insight from user responses. With 88% men and 87% women wanting to find love or vice-versa, a large majority are in-fact hopeful romantics. With 61% men and 57% women saying yes to falling in love with someone they meet online, they are open to finding serendipity of love on a dating app like OkCupid. And 68% don’t even believe marriage is mandatory for people in love. 72% believe traditional gender roles, such as changing names or women taking care of chores and children or men being default heads and not househusbands do not exist in their lives. The kind of love each Indian millennial wants is completely unique while, they might believe in love and its serendipity. To showcase how every person is seeking a different kind of love, one that they deserve to have, OkCupid’s ‘Love Is…” takes these insights and brings them to life.

Including four short films as well as a VoxPop, the ‘Love is…’ campaign is developed by Taproot Dentsu, Mumbai. The millennials express their honest views of what love means to each of them, in the VoxPop. It is a fun dipstick video of single Indian millennials. The answers vary from drawing similarities to food, farts and fairytales; in true millennial styles. Spotlighting what essentially makes love and relationships so special and bespoke, this experiment is an attempt to reflect the diversity of love and what it means for different people. Along with user responses to questions on the app, the four campaign films also use these insights to articulate what love is to different people.

  • The story of the first film “Love Is… Working Overtime Together” moves with a couple who are career-driven but won’t make a compromise on love. Refusing the long-held notion that you can only have one, it draws from the insight that 88% millennials are looking forward to both love and professional growth.
  • Expressing the importance of everyday romance in their lives “Love Is… all About The Little Things” is inspired by the 87% users on OkCupid. It reminds those looking for a relationship built on the little expressions of love that will find what they’re looking for even if everybody else is telling them otherwise
  • A meaningful relationship born from well-meaning but untrue advice that giving up spontaneity is the road to adulthood is shown in “Love Is… Living In The Moment Together”. This film encourages you to be unapologetically you and find a partner who loves that about you.
  • Men and women both playing equal roles as homemakers and breadwinners, building a relationship of equality and partnership are presented in the final film “Love Is… A Partnership”. It was born from the shifting gender roles in Indian relationships.

Anukool Kumar, Marketing Director, OkCupid India, says, “Love is not one size fits all and that’s exactly what OkCupid India’s campaign ‘Love is…’ celebrates. The very fact that most singles are being told that they have to choose between a career and love or romance and practicality is archaic to us at OkCupid! This campaign celebrates love in the way that an Indian millennial craves it, breaking away from the cringe unattainable version that has been fed to us for generations. We at OkCupid are committed to helping you find your kind of love as we truly believe you deserve it without ever having to settle for less”.

Pallavi Chakravarti, ECD, Taproot Dentsu, Mumbai, says, “What is love? Now if we knew the right answer to that one, we’d be Gods, not mortals. So together with team OkCupid, we agreed to do the next best thing for our new campaign – acknowledge that there is no ONE right answer. Our ideas about love, our expectations from it, our notions of it, all differ from loopy to logical and from idyllic to idealistic. But no matter how one defines love, chances are they’ll find what they’re looking for on this app.”

OkCupid’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages will feature the campaign. Receiving an overwhelmingly positive response with over 5 Million views in just a week, the films have struck a chord with the audience. The first film went live on 27th November 2020. Social media links to the films from OkCupid’s ‘Love is…’ campaign – Instagram and YouTube.

Here is the link to high-res images and snapshots.

So, what are you waiting for? Join OkCupid and tell us what ‘Love Is…’ for you!


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