Indian Oil’s #BharoFuelJeetoCar Sales Campaign Rejuvenates the Automobile Industry

Indian Oil Bharo Fuel Jeeto Car Program

With the pandemic wreaking havoc in everyone’s life, many people are out of business and work. 

Many have lost their jobs and many are on the brink of losing jobs further. Families are stripped of their only mode of earning as their mode of operations went kaput this lockdown.

Amidst this economic condition, the ever-increasing price rise especially the rise in fuel prices has made people’s lives miserable. As a result of this, fuel and automotive sales have declined to result in losses for the industry. Indian Oil has sought to change this scenario with their new sales campaign which has targeted to giveaway cars to their loyal customers. 

Watch how you can win here

Improving Car Sales

Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) is running all India sales campaign, “ BHARO FUEL JEETO CAR”, from 04th to 31st December to improve fuel sales. 

As part of the promotion of the event, IOCL officials launched the program in Hyderabad at their Company-owned outlet in Begumpet. 

The program is launched by Mr.R S S Rao Executive Director of Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States in the presence of city-based petroleum dealers and customers. Other IOCL officials present in the event are Shri Manish Taskar, CGM; Shri C Sharat Kumar, GM; and Shri Manash Routray, DGM.

Prizes To Be Won Everyday

The campaign has targeted customers who purchase fuel from them regularly by giving them the opportunity to win daily and weekly prizes along with the mega prize at the mega event.

  • As per the scheme, customers who purchased more than Rs 400/- fuel in a single purchase need to send the bill details to the phone number 9052155555 through SMS to win the prizes.
  •  SMS Format is DEALER CODE <SPACE> BILL NO<SPACE> BILL AMOUNT. The scheme has daily, weekly and mega-event prizes.
  •  The prizes include 1 SUV & 4 CARS and other exciting gifts. 
  •  Every week 25 winners will be given prizes worth  Rs 5000, Daily 100 winners will get 100 extra reward points worth Rs100.

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