Indian Superstars Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan feature in an exclusive video for 82°E

Indian Superstars Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan feature in an exclusive video for 82°E

Global Indian Icon Deepika Padukone’s skincare brand 82°E(eighty-two east) has released a first-of-its-kind video featuring her and actor Shah Rukh Khan.

After captivating fans across the world with their latest release Pathaan, currently the highest grossing Hindi movie worldwide, Deepika and Shah Rukh now come together for an exciting video that has never been done before: together, they practice the Cleanse-Hydrate-Protect (CHP) skincare routine using products from 82°E.The video reveals the friendly behind-the-scenes chemistry the stars share with each other as Deepika takes Shah Rukh through the steps of her personal skincare routine.

They also introduce the brand’s latest skincare drop, Gotu Kola Dew, a revitalizing toner serum with Gotu Kola and Niacinamide. This playful yet educational video featuring the two Indian superstars intends to highlight the importance of a regular and effective CHP skincare routine.

In the video, Deepika shares the steps of the CHP routine with Shah Rukh using 82°E’s products, while also revealing some of her favourite skincare tips and tricks with him.

They begin with Lotus Splash cleanser to Cleanse, followed by Gotu Kola Dew toner serum and Ashwagandha Bounce moisturiser to Hydrate. They concluded the routine with Patchouli Glow sunscreen drops with SPF 40 PA+++ to Protect, emphasizing to Shah Rukh the importance of daily sun protection.

“It is no secret that I started my career with Shah Rukh and that we have now done 4 movies together. But getting ready together and going through our skin care routine together, was a whole other level of fun! Through this video we hope to inspire our fans and well-wishers to adopt the (C)Cleanse, (H)Hydrate and (P)Protect Skincare Routine and prioritise taking as much care of their skin as we have.” said Deepika Padukone.

82°E products are formulated by in-house R&D experts, combining time-tested Indian ingredients and powerful scientific compound(s) to offer high-quality, high-performance products. The brand will launch more products under the skincare category and has ambitions to expand into other categories that support a modern, holistic approach to self-care.

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