Isobar India’s new hire – Isobot – is available at your service 24X7, 7 Days a Week


Isobar, the creative experience agency from the house of dentsu India, has launched ‘Isobot’- a virtual assistant to prepare briefs, address queries, and offer timely support. The innovative assistant is developed in-house and will enable the existing as well as potential clients to receive the desired information and high-quality support round the clock. It is pertinent to note here that Isobar India prides itself on its digital-first commitment and has yet again delivered on that promise with the launch of Isobot.

Isobot operates at a very high speed, is intuitive, offers a hands-free experience, and is extremely efficient. To connect with Isobar via Isobot, users will need to activate their Google Assistant and say, ‘Okay Google, talk to Isobar India’. Once Isobot is activated, it will ask a few questions and then produce a comprehensive brief.

Commenting on the launch, Heeru Dingra, CEO, Isobar India group said, “At Isobar, we have always aimed to offer innovative solutions and a seamless experience. Our newest launch, Isobot, is a great example of our ongoing investment in modern, market-leading services that unlock efficiency and provide better outcomes for our clients as well as our internal teams. Also, we have built this tool to interact with our clients in the best possible way and we believe that it will represent our business to its full potential.

Aalap Desai, National Creative Director, Isobar India commented, “Every day we are all pursuing tech to make our campaigns work better. But when was the last time we used it to make advertising better? That is what Isobot is all about. It is about using tech in a way that will help us take briefs anywhere and anytime. We have created a bot to take briefs because that is how far we will go for a great one. It also makes for a cool calling card for the first interaction with new clients.

As a Creative Experience Agency, we wanted to not just provide a great experience to our customers but also showcase what Voice + Google + Smart Algorithm can bring to the table. This can be revolutionary for any brand to handle their customers’ requirements. It can be set up quickly, the CapEX is low and is a win-win for both businesses and customers. Its use for business can range from finding the nearest store to doing a price check on the website to delivery tracking to taking customer complaints and a lot more,” added Rahul Vengalil, Managing Partner, Isobar India.

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