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ITC’s Dermafique is specially designed as per Indian Skin Needs

Madhushree Chakrabarty October 22, 2020

ITC has launched its new skincare brand named Dermafique, which is predominantly created as per Indian Skin Needs. The brand has been created along with Cellular Biologists and Dermatologists and has also been tested on Indian skin. The product is backed with sience and has been created in at its Life Sciences & Technology Centre. 

Nowadays, there are enormous number of opinions about skincare regimen across the internet. As a result, people are getting confused as what daily habits one should follow. ITC’s Dermafique simplifies the entire process with a three step skincare plan, i.e., cleanse, tone and hydrate.

  1. Cleanse: The new brand has a wide range of cleansers to choose from. The cleanser range varies from gel to foaming mousse to various skin types. They have pH Restore [Cleansing Mousse] with Skin-Smart Micelle Technology suiting various skin types that rinses dirt away. Having said that, they also have Acne Avert [Cleansing Mousse] that is exclusively curated for sensitive and oily skin, helping to remove excess dirt. 
  2. Tone: The next important step after cleansing is toning. For toning, the Dermafique’s toners are paraben and alcohol free helping to cleanse the pores and restores the pH balance of the skin and put together it for the next step of hydration.
  3. Hydrate: The harsh pollutants in the environment causes stress to the skin and subsequently makes the skin dull and dry. The brand’s wide variety of Hydration products, such as Advanced Hydration and Advanced Repair, Aqua Cloud, Hydratonique gels, etc., helps in bringing back moisture to the skin.

There has been a multimedia communication that shows all the three simplified steps and the film has been conceptualized by Namita Subir Consultancy.

Namita Roy Ghose and Subir Chatterjee [Film Directors], said, “The idea of back to the basics has always been simple and very effective. With Dermafique’s 3 step skin regimen, the film brings alive the philosophy of zen like skin through its pristine and clear communication approach. It brings together the worlds of science, groundbreaking technology and R&D in an innovative presentation of the brand philosophy of simplicity, discipline, balance and the holistic approach of zen.”


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