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Kinder Joy launched its new Diwali campaign #KhaoKheloKhushRaho

Madhushree Chakrabarty November 3, 2020

Kinder Joy launches a Diwali campaign #KhaoKheloKhushRaho for kids, that focusses on encouraging kids to cherish and value family traditions and ties during Diwali.

Kinder Joy aims to be a partner for mothers in imparting rituals of Diwali such as making a Rangoli, lighting of diyas, preparing puja thali, decorating the house with flowers, exchange of gifts, etc. and making the festival enjoyable and relevant for kids as it is for adults. The brand signifies the little moments of joy and that focusses on the traditions of an Indian family during the festive season where kids seeks blessings form the elders and in return give kinder joy as a blessing of ‘Khao, Khelo, Khush Raho’. It is the first in its kind of concept that revolves around gifting and spreading happiness during the festivals, in a child’s life.

#KhaoKheloKhushRaho is a 360-degree campaign and has created a unique brand experience through shopper activations, digital, in-store visibility and social media engagement to engage with its consumers across all social media platforms.

Elaborating on the campaign, the Kinder Joy spokesperson said, “Kinder Joy campaigns are all about the joyous and memorable moments between parents and children. Our campaign #KhaoKheloKhushRaho acts as an ally for the mother to pass on the Diwali rituals to her kids and is a limited-edition Diwali pack that will make the festivities perfect for children.”

One pack of Kinder Joy is made of cow’s milk, Vitamin B12, crispy wafer and rich cocoa. The brand is known for its good quality that comes in egg shaped closed cups and undergoes 200 different parameters before it goes to the end customers. The special combination of a surprise toy and chocolate creates affectionate and loving moments that a family shares. This Diwali, Kinder Joy, for the first time has launched limited edition special Diwali packs of Doraemon toys in an active, a sporty avatar that is priced at ₹90 for a pack of 2 and ₹135 for a pack of 3.


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