Koo’s #ExtraSocial Invites Users to be Extra Expressive this Social Media Day

Koo’s #ExtraSocial Invites Users to be Extra Expressive

Celebrating the essence of World Social Media Day, Koo – one of India’s most-loved social media apps – has launched an exciting campaign – #ExtraSocial – which unleashes the yearning and love that Indians have for everything ‘extra’. Through a captivating video, the campaign inspires people to cherish all the ‘extras’ they enjoy in life and get extra expressive by Kooing real-time across 10 languages.

Watch the campaign here.

Depicting situations and conversations from day-to-day life, the video brings alive interesting ‘extras’ that Indians enjoy – like extra drama that involves mothers, extra punches in a movie, extra sleep on any given day, or even an extra sukha puri while munching gol gappas! Like all the extras cherished in life, the campaign encourages users to get #ExtraSocial by experiencing the freedom to express themselves in their own local languages. 

Featuring creators on the platform who express themselves through poems, spirituality, music, or sharing of recipes; the campaign stimulates a connection with the whole of India. It motivates users to put aside language barriers, get to know India better by interacting with people from across states and cultures on Koo, and builds a deeper social connection.

#ExtraSocial is woven around the message – Ab Koo ke saath, rahega India hamesha extra social – highlighting the inclusive nature of the platform, which empowers every internet user to experience social media, often for the first time in their life, and to enjoy the freedom to express in a language of comfort, and on a topic of choice.  

Explaining the thought behind the campaign, a Koo spokesperson said, “Koo is an innovation in the world of language-first social media and has enabled millions of non-English speakers, including first-time users to freely express themselves in their native language. This Social Media day, we invite every Indian to join us and get extra expressive by sharing all the extra things that they enjoy and celebrate in life. Let’s get #ExtraSocial.”

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