Latest campaign by Chandrika Ayurveda soap promises radiant skin

Chandrika Ayurveda Soap

With its proposition of clear, problem-free skin, Chandrika Ayurveda Soap brand has gained the trust of millions of Indians. The original and real Ayurveda soap brand has introduced its new campaign promising a higher-order beauty benefit of a naturally glazed clear skin.

Chandrika’s new TV commercial showcases its clear skin benefits by leveraging the unique need of Kerala consumers. It features the gorgeous Amala Paul. The commercial begins with Amla’s friend admiring her which she misunderstands as she admiring her new diamond earrings. But then she comes to know that her friend is in awe of her skin’s shine, resultant of the goodness of Chandrika soap.

Commenting on the new campaign, S Prasanna Rai, Vice-President, Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, said, “It is Chandrika’s next progression to cater to the consumers evolving need for Ayurvedic Beauty. Handcrafted with twice the goodness of coconut oil and seven Ayurvedic herbs, Chandrika soap gives us the confidence to promise our consumers with the higher-order beauty benefit of a naturally glazed skin. With this shift, we are hopeful to attract new consumers and connect with the millennials.”

Chandrika has been a trusted Ayurveda soap brand for more than 75 years and continues to enjoy popularity across the globe. It is a beauty secret of millions of women as it is one of the few handmade soap brands in the country today. The brand has delivered on the promise through superior product offerings.

Launching a range of products for the younger generation, Chandrika has grown in the past few years to become a leader in the green soap space, keeping its promise of the goodness of Ayurveda. Recently, a new soap variant was launched by the brand with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Ramacham- Chandrika Aloe for clean and fresh skin. Amala Paul featured in the TVC launching the variant. Soap variants, handwash, hair oil and facewash are the different product ranges that have been added by the brand to its portfolio today.

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