LEAD honours to India’s teachers in latest digital campaign ‘#OnlyTeachersCan’

LEAD honours to India’s teachers in latest digital campaign ‘#OnlyTeachersCan’

LEAD, India’s largest School EdTech company, has  launched a new digital campaign that celebrates the contribution of teachers towards ensuring that every student achieves their true potential in life.  Centered around the insight that teachers across India have to overcome myriad challenges that often go unnoticed, LEAD’s #OnlyTeachersCan campaign highlights the many ways that teachers put their students’ interests ahead of their own, to ensure the best quality education for every child.

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Conceptualised and produced by TBWA India, LEAD’s latest digital film ‘Teacher Hona Asaan Nahi Hota’ is directed by Piplu Khan of Potlibaba Media House.

Anupam Gurani, Chief Marketing Officer, LEAD, said, “Each one of us carries what we have been taught in school throughout the rest of our lives.  We use what we have learned during our early impressionable years to influence society and shape the future.  LEAD’s #OnlyTeachersCan campaign is an ode to the 9.7 million teachers that are nurturing generations of learners across India.  While the last two years have been especially difficult for teachers, LEAD has always stood by them and will continue to do so.

Namrata Nandan, Executive Director, TBWA\India, said, “LEAD as a brand is committed to upgrade standards of education of India.  LEAD understands that learning for children at schools is a fulfilling, immersive and result driven experience only with the constant, untiring efforts of the teachers.  Through the last two years,  teachers have learnt and upgraded themselves to ensure their students advance effectively despite the pandemic constraints. Acknowledging teachers for their excellence with this campaign #OnlyTeachersCan, LEAD continues to be a brand that stands for the noble and selfless efforts that teachers put in daily for the good of their students.”

Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner, TBWA\India, said, “They say teachers have a heart larger than the average human. We wanted to spotlight this truth by capturing the everyday struggles a teacher goes through to put extraordinary care into the lives of their students.  Being an ally to teachers, LEAD artfully brings to life little moments of truth from the life of teachers across the length and breadth of the country.”

Piplu Khan, acclaimed director, said, “I felt good about connecting the characters and showing how they go about their life every day. My job was to keep my craft balanced; in fact more than craft, it was about the soul, feelings & characters coming alive. I enjoyed making this film for TBWA\India and LEAD, and feel that we succeeded in what we set out to do. A homage to teachers is needed at the moment and we should do everything we can to contributing to enhancing the teacher’s lives

LEAD empowers more than 25000 teachers in over 4000 affordable private schools across India by providing tools and resources that make teaching simpler and more effective.  LEAD’s teacher offerings and services include ready-made teaching and assessment materials, training and upskilling resources, and networking opportunities with peers across India.

In August 2021, LEAD created another film with a spotlight on the challenges faced by school owners during the pandemic. The film underlined the valiant work of school owners who placed the academic future of our children above all else, ensuring uninterrupted learning as far as possible.

School EdTech is a combination of educational best practices and technology-delivered solutions that enable quality learning in schools, and beyond.

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