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Lodha launches campaign with Akshay ‘unboxing’ finest living experience


Lodha, India’s largest real estate developer (by residential sales), launches a new campaign highlighting the need for spacious homes and the desire amongst homebuyers to have access to extra spaces for work, study or play. The campaign emphasizes the need for features like open decks, garden spaces, and other amenities that will enable aspiring home-buyers to live the upgraded lifestyle they desire their families deserve. The campaign film further narrates that the new normal should not be about staying ‘boxed-in’ in a home, and instead be about opening oneself to ‘unboxing’ the finest living experience with a quality home of our own.

“Having your own home with better spaces in the course of this time is a blessing. The environment at home and outside, both play a crucial role in staying fit, mentally and physically. More space means an individual can transform any space as per their need and live life the way they want. Therefore, it is important to choose the right home that gives you plenty of space to have a breather, plethora of healthy green outdoors, safety and security.” said Akshay Kumar, Actor.

Raunika Malhotra, President – Marketing and Corporate Communications, Lodha, said, &Lodha thrives at building developments that give extra space coupled with a plethora of nature and green spaces. In these testing times, while we all are working towards making it a better place with our contribution to the society, it is pivotal to exercise practices that help secure your families’ well-being and what better than taking that informed decision of having a safe haven of your own that brings a smile on your loved ones’ faces. With homes becoming an integral part of lives in current times, there is not anything more fulfilling than having your own home. It is a non-volatile asset that not only gives shelter and can enhance your lifestyle, but also acts as a wealth generator in future for your family. Lodha homes are designed keeping in mind the well-being of a homeowner and their family. The campaign film accentuates how in these unprecedented times, living in a bigger space with all the required amenities helps one to grow positively. Having a home plays a pivotal role in an individual’s life, and at Lodha, we strive at extending some of the finest living experiences to consumers.”

The campaign signifies that during the ‘unlock’ period, some homebuyers took the best decision of buying a ready-to-move-in home with fully designed amenities and large open spaces. Lodha sold over 4,100 ready-to-move-in homes across all its developments during the post-unlock period that further enabled home-buyers to move in to their new homes to enjoy hassle-free, comfortable, secured and the finest living experience despite the lockdown curbs.

Conceptualized in partnership with Lodha, Radha Ghai, Senior Partner/Creative Director, ANC said, “This film showcases Akshay Kumar trapped in a box which metaphorically defines how today, many of us are living in cramped up spaces.  Simple execution, but the film delivers on a powerful insight on how we actually feel in the constraints of space with absolutely no freedom. And owning your own spacious home is everything you can desire for.  Space brings peace and freedom not only to you but to your loved ones in the family too.  Moreover, a home is a place where you are free to do things at your own will and feel safe & sound at the same time.”

The campaign goes live across the company’s social media platforms and websites supported by display and electronic ads across media networks.

Catch the new campaign on YouTube.



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