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Loh, lag gaaya ji, HomeFirst’s campaign talks about the due “samman”

MediaInfoline February 21, 2020

HomeFirst thought there was a lot of clutter with “dream home” and “dream come true” etc in the real estate or home loan advertising industry. Instead they choose to be vocal about the social issue which often pinches people but no one talks about it.

The segment of the society which is unserved or underserved by traditional lenders. The aspiring young adults who are working professionals or small business owners, the first time home buyers who face various difficulties and disappointment due to their inability to comprehend and comply with the demands of the traditional lenders but at the same time they place ownership of a home as one of the top achievements of their life.

HomeFirst’s expertise lies with understanding people in this segment, they lay a huge emphasis on owning a home. It is a source of their pride and proof of their achievement.  Above all homeownership elevates their position among their peers and they feel supremely respected. This insight is supported by the new campaign’s hook line – “Samman Ka Permanent Address”. The recently launched campaign across print, television, and digital presents a humorous take on home loan rejection in this segment. The quirky journey from dejection to delight keeps you interested for the entire 60s. The campaign presents HomeFirst as a brand that understands and empathises with their consumers all the way!

Rajarshi Mitra, Brand Manager, HomeFirst said “During our day to day interaction with the customers, we have found their urge to be respected in the society as a huge driving force in their pursuit to upgrade their current lifestyle. Ownership of a home kinda takes them to the top of that respect chain (if I can put it that way). Together with Concept Communication, we have used this insight to create a fun TVC and a series of print ads. The story of Champak is a humorous take on his key aspiration of owning a home!”

Rachanah Roy, NCD, Concept Communication said ”The brief was unique and challenging considering the clutter of home loan communication. The respect and acknowledgment spin was an intentional approach as it is an untouched underlying problem. What started as a jingle came to become a fictitious character with a fresh approach to storytelling supported by creative and directional inputs from Anand Karir (A Glass of Whisky Films) our valued partners”

Link to the TVC.


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