Lowe Lintas creates a heart-warming film for Tanshiq for Valentine’s Day

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The best occasion to talk about love is the day when it is celebrated – Valentine’s Day. Like every year, even this year, love will be celebrated once again with candies, marshmallows, soft toys, heart emojis, etc. But most often the true meaning of love is lost in this distraction. Tanishq decided to do something touching this Valentine’s Day.

As a brand that celebrates relationships, Tanishq over the years has always presented a very mature and progressive point of view on the subject of ‘love’. Be it the #Remarriage film, or the wedding film where the grandmother is joyfully mocking her granddaughter for not doing an inter-caste marriage, the communication has always tried to break social stereotypes and portray more grown-up outlook in communication.

The film conceptualised by Arun Iyer, Chairman and CCO – Lowe Lintas and directed by Gauri Shinde helps to give Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning. The film brings on camera, real people who had a relationship in the past to talk about their belief in love. A series of candid conversations made by corporate executives, artists, actors like Sandhya Mridul and Manav Kaul, hark back to their relationships and cherish what remains – ‘love’. The film leaves the viewers with a touching message to “keep celebrating love.”

Speaking about this film, Deepika Tewari, AVP – Marketing, Tanishq quipped, “Valentine’s day is a day when the world celebrates love. We at Tanishq have tried to reflect an aspect of love that goes on forever. In this new film we captured 7 real love stories. In the journey of life, these people fell in love and each of their relationship has left behind something that they will cherish forever. These stories pull a heart string and evokes a strong sense of emotion and are very relevant and relatable especially today. Because whatever happens in the journey of life we would like people to keep celebrating love. Because love always remains.”

Arun Iyer Chairman and CCO – Lowe Lintas remarked “The idea came from a very simple thought. On Valentine’s Day, everyone celebrates the beauty of love. But what about the difficult bits? It’s the ones who have seen this other side of love, that truly know what it’s like to be in it. We thought that Tanishq, a brand that has always shown the mature side of relationships; should not just celebrate the good parts of love, but also the sacrifices and hardships that make it stronger. It was a very difficult film to execute as everyone in the video is a friend or a friend of a friend, who is pouring his or her heart out on camera. And with Gauri on board, it was truly an immersive experience.”

The film is now live to be shared on social media and streaming platforms.

Watch the film – here


Client – Deepika Tiwari, Gaurav Midha

Agency – Lowe Lintas, Bengaluru


Arun Iyer (Chairman & CCO)

Rajesh Ramaswamy (Executive Director)

Ujjwal Kabra (Executive Creative Director)

Adarsh Atal (Unit Creative Director)

Charan Kumar

(Associate Creative Director)

Account Management:

Hari Krishnan (President, South)

Sudhir Rajasekharan (Executive Vice President)

Bhupender Agarwal

(Associate Vice President)

Production House:

Off-Road Films


Gauri Shinde

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