Manforce Condoms #DontMessAround Speaks of the Dangers of Unprotected Sex


Your favourite condom brand is asking you to be more responsible and spread awareness about the perils of unprotected sex. Manforce has launched a brand new campaign titled #DontMessAround to educate people and drive awareness amongst them 

This sex education campaign is done in a playful way showcasing how safety is important for fun, just like we had fun in our childhood and got reminded by elders to keep safety in mind. 

Joy Chatterjee, DGM, Mankind Pharma said, “Through this campaign the intention is to show how messy of an experience it can be if you decide to go raw instead of using a condom. We have always been committed towards our customer’s safety and want to ensure that sex always stays as an act of pleasure, along with safety. We want to communicate to the masses #DontMessAround, Put on a Manforce to avoid unprotected sex and sexual diseases”.

Showcasing the Importance of Protection

India’s largest selling condom brand, Manforce Condoms has come up with a new campaign #DontMessAround, urging people to not create a mess while engaging in unprotected intercourse, but instead play it safe and use protection.

As a leading brand in the industry, Manforce, through this campaign focuses on a larger responsibility of educating people to use condoms as messy scenarios which will be related to the situations of post-unprotected sex.

  • The brand giving a messages that ‘Unprotected sex can be pleasurable but it’s unprotected for a reason.’ 
  • The unprotected sex can come with bigger problems such as STDs and unwanted pregnancy. 
  • Moreover, it can become a cause for a messy experience, and no one ever talks about that.

Safety First

Through this campaign the brand wants to remind people of the childhood memories when we used to play around and our teachers or parents used to tell us not to mess around and play safe. Similarly, Manforce condoms as a brand is here to act like a guardian to its users and tell them “#DontMessAround” while playing, just put on a Manforce and be safe.

It is important to play safe rather than create a messy experience because when it comes to a physical relationship, safety plays an important role in strengthening the bond between partners.

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