ManipalCigna Health Insurance celebrates the spirit of togetherness shown by people during Covid with ‘SAATH DIJYE’ campaign

ManipalCigna Health Insurance launches ‘SAATH DIJIYE’ campaign, to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and acts of kindness shown by people during difficult times of Covid

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited, has launched a new digital campaign ‘SAATH DIJYE – Fark Padta Hai’ to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and spread the message of supporting each other through all means and staying strong together in difficult times, as a simple act of kindness can make a big difference to someone’s life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in unprecedented ways, many of us are experiencing social isolation and loneliness at times. For those dealing with hardships it’s often difficult to reach out for help. Thus the new campaign ‘SAATH DIJYE’ aims to encourage people to take a step forward and start talking to friends and family and be there to support each other in times of difficulties, as things often get better when we are together.

Speaking on the new campaign launch, Sapna Desai, Head of Marketing and Online Sales ManipalCigna Health Insurance, said, “The second wave of COVID-19 was difficult for everyone. But we got through this together. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in these difficult times, it’s that we’re stronger than we think. And the only thing that makes us even more undefeatable is being there for one another, despite the distance or time of day. As we enter a time for healing and getting better, it is important that we don’t forget the lessons that we learnt along the way. Inspired by all the selfless acts and generosity that we saw, and our brand purpose of being with our customers in illness and wellness’, we have put together this message to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and how it makes a difference”

Humankind needs warmth and care of their loved ones, and it’s often easy to navigate hardships when we have the support of each other. As we cope with overwhelming changes alongside uncertainty of health, finances, and futures. Time and again what we have also seen all over the world is that, the spirit of togetherness, kindness and moreover being available to help each other, we can get ourselves out of anything, no matter what obstacles come our way. Thus inspired by the many selfless acts that lifted human spirits during the outbreak. ManipalCigna has put together this new film ‘SAATH DIJIYE’ kyunki fark padta hai, urging people to encourage, uplift, and support one another in difficult times, and this stands true for all times, not just during the extraordinary experiences presented by Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides the new digital film, the company has also rolled out advertisements on digital and social media along with influencer outreach programs to drive awareness about this new campaign.

ManipalCigna asked people ‘SAATH DIJIYE’ and they did! The campaign film has got support, love and stories from across India, since launch on 10th August, 2021.

–      #SaathDijiye trended at number 2 for 4 hours all India on Twitter

–      4500+ posts on Twitter

–      #SaathDijiye reached 6.08 million users and generated 17.42 million impressions

–      Influencers helped us achieve around 1 thousand retweets and the conversations are still growing!

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