Mars Wrigley Launches New BOOMERR Campaign with Radhika Madan

Mars Wrigley Launches New BOOMER Campaign with Radhika Madan

BOOMER®, one of India’s oldest and beloved bubblegum brands, is here with a new digital campaign starring Radhika Madan and has also introduced its new and exotic Blueberry flavour.  With a history of over 25 years and known for its iconic ‘BOOM BOOM BOOMER’ jingle, BOOMER® from the Mars Wrigley portfolio is nostalgically adored by many and continues to be a favourite across generations. The new BOOMER® Blueberry variant is another addition to the much-loved BOOMER® portfolio which currently includes BOOMER® Strawberry, BOOMER® Jelly and BOOMER® Burst.

The new digital film stars the vivacious and bubbly, Radhika Madan, recently seen in Angrezi Medium, Patakha and Shiddat. The film captures the wacky and humorous essence of the brand, bringing to life the tagline, BOOMER®! Bubble itna badaa ki dunya par chaa jaaye!. With a common theme of exaggeration, which is ‘stretched’ like bubblegum, the film is playful and vibrant, and promises to be a delight for consumers, much like this newly launched Blueberry variant.

The film opens with Radhika Madan sitting in a parking lot bench, wearing headphones and enjoying a BOOMER®. She begins to blow a bubble which slowly starts growing bigger and bigger and starts to push a car that is parked close by aside. Following this bizarre event, the bubble continues to grow continuously, until the entire planet is engulfed in a sea of pink. The film shows Radhika amazed at what she has done, as everything around her looks vibrant and magical. The film ends with the voice over – “BOOMER®! Bubble itna badaa ki dunya par chaa jaaye!”

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley, India, said, “BOOMER® is a legacy brand for us at Mars Wrigley that has over the years become a favorite for our consumers in India. Building on the keen sense of nostalgia attached to the Millennials and Gen-X and to also recruit the Gen-Z Fruity gum consumers to BOOMER®, we have introduced a new flavour that is fruity, quirky and tastes like childhood. With the launch of BOOMER® Blueberry, we aim to bring more innovation in the gums category with a unique twist to a brand that consumers have always loved.”

As a part of the digital campaign, Mars Wrigley will collaborate with 750+ influencers to build resonance for the newly launched BOOMER® Blueberry and launch a special BOOMER® Instagram filter giving consumers the opportunity to create their biggest BOOMER® bubbles online and share them with friends and family on their handles. Some of the best user generated content created using the filter will also be featured on BOOMER®’s Instagram handle. Through activations on MX-Takatak, Instagram and other social media platforms, the campaign aims to drive 150+ Million impressions.

For a price of INR 1, consumers can taste and enjoy the priceless exotic flavour of BOOMER® Blueberry. The film can be viewed on Radhika Madan’s Instagram here and on BOOMER®’s Youtube here and here.

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