Max Cement pays an ode to ‘home’ with “Mazboot Ghar Mazboot Rishtey” campaign

Max Cement launches "Mazboot Ghar, Mazboot Rishtey" Campaign – An Ode to Home

Max Cement one of the prime cement brands of North-East India is synonymous with growth and momentum and has achieved this status in the brief span of a decade.

To acknowledge the new role of the Home in the age of the New Normal, the brand unveiled its newest campaign “Mazboot Ghar Mazboot Rishtey” which is an ode to the role of ‘home’ in our lives. The campaign features the renowned actor Adil Hussain who hails from the North East himself. The award-winning actor is known for his quality of work and consistency of performance, making him the perfect choice to match the brand’s ethos of ‘Setting, Strength & Stability’.

The theme of the campaign is to celebrate the strength of a Family protected by the strength of their Home. Recognising the importance of the house and the new dependence on it during the last sixteen months of the pandemic, the brand hopes to open up new channels of communication around the concept of ‘ a strong home’ for every individual.

As a brand, Max Cement promises to deliver quality material to create that perfect foundation. The campaign will cover a 360 route of communication and hopes to connect emotionally with its customers.

Commenting on the big development, Shri Vineet Agarwal, Managing Director, Max Cement said, “Speaking about the multi-talented actor, one thing that strikes everyone’s mind is his versatility and the sheer range of characters that he can personify and despite coming from a humble background from a small town of Assam, he has scaled great heights via his extraordinary performance and has left his footprints on both national and international platforms.”

“Our brand Max Cement resonates the same standards of quality like the versatile actor and we are extremely proud that in the last decade we have delivered one of the best quality cement consistently thus contributing to the development of North-East.” Shri Agarwal said.

“In the past year, our world’s dependency on the house has increased manifold and its role has been amplified many times over. A home has always been a silent witness to the happenings in one’s lives and it was the home that was now playing various roles of a school and office and other spaces of our of daily lives such as local grocer, the playground and the mall making it the obvious choice of subject for them to take up and address”, Shri Agarwal added.

A part of Green Valliey Industries, founded by Late Shri Gajanand Agarwal, Max Cement now holds a very prestigious position in the Industry sector. Offering sustainable growth, value creation and innovative solutions to the construction industry, the brand assures best-in-class Strength, Setting and Stability, the 3Ss that have spelt success for its products. Max Cement is a brand of GVIL and has been servicing the customer through its broad network. Predominantly present in North East India, the brand has carved a niche for itself with its two popular products – Max Ordinary Portland Cement and Max Portland Pozzolana Cement. It also recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Be it individual house builders (IHB) or government projects or global construction firms, the consumers of Max Cement believe in the ‘maximum’ performance it has to offer.

Have a look at the campaign here.

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