MediBuddy unveils its new digital campaign ‘Fight for Freedom’

MediBuddy launches a new campaign – “Fight for Freedom”

Keeping the spirits high of the nation in these testing times, MediBuddy unveiled its new digital campaign – Fight for Freedom. In collaboration with Jio TV, MX Player, Amazon Mini, Lit, Alright, Binge, Recharge, Hatke, and Zoom TV; MediBuddy is urging the nation to stand united in this battle against the Coronavirus. The objective of the campaign is to urge the citizens to make small sacrifices today, for a better tomorrow so that people can live their good old days soon.

Independence Day is around the corner and India completes and celebrates 75 years of freedom, however, today our nation is not free. We are battling one of the biggest challenges faced by our nation, we are all battling ruthlessly against the COVID-19. The pandemic continues to be the single largest problem faced by the nation that has affected every individual.

For this noble mission, MediBuddy has united with various media giants for one common mission: to fight against the coronavirus and be free in every sense. The campaign encourages its citizens not to let their guard down, to vigilantly mask up, and maintain social distance.

The collaboration comprises co-branded videos that will be promoted across the social media platforms of all the brands. Additionally, the videos will be amplified on all partner platforms- Jio TV, MX Player, Amazon Mini, Lit, Alright, Binge, Recharge, Hatke and Zoom TV.

The past year with the pandemic has been quite challenging for people across the globe. It has altered and upended our lives in many ways and has left a deep-rooted impact. The way we interact, work, learn, socialize, etc. all have changed. Gradually people have adapted to these changes, and now, a new way of living has emerged. But how often do we find ourselves thinking about the time before and wish to relive those days? A time where one could casually take a stroll down the park, go on vacations, make impromptu plans to meet family and friends, enjoy weddings in the true big-fat Indian wedding spirit and so much more.

Those days may seem like a distant dream now, but it isn’t a battle that we cannot win. Our forefathers won back our freedom from colonizers, united with little effort, we can reclaim ours too. We must remember it is a collective task in which we all have to contribute in every little way we can to steer India closer to its freedom. This is one step towards reliving those days once again where we could easily step out of our house, enjoy mundane tasks, and be near our loved ones.

Commenting on the campaign, Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, MediBuddy said, “Adhering to the rules constantly and staying away from your loved ones can get a little overwhelming. However, these small sacrifices today will ensure a better tomorrow. We are glad to have collaborated with leading media partners to spread our message. With ‘Fight for Freedom’, we intend to draw inspiration from the Indian Freedom Movement to bring the nation together and unite against this adversity.”

Commenting on the same, Niyati Merchant, CEO, Arre said, “We are thrilled to be associated with MediBuddy, a platform that has done and continues to do path-breaking work in accelerating India’s digital healthcare system. To overcome this pandemic, we must abide by the rules. Always wear your mask, maintain social distance, and get vaccinated.”

Mayank Yadav, CEO, Rusk Media commented, “Drawing inspiration from the Indian Freedom Movement, the campaign encourages the nation together and unite against the biggest adversity our nation has ever faced. We are excited to have joined hands with MediBuddy to spread the message to stay safe, follow the norms, and help fight this battle against COVID-19.”

Jagdish Mulchandani, CEO, Zoom TV, commented, “The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the health and livelihoods of millions across the nation. To end the pandemic and help India get its freedom, we have come together with MediBuddy. Using the power of digital and social media, we will spread the word and encourage individuals to adhere to social distancing and follow the protocols. Make those small sacrifices today for a better tomorrow.”

Alongside the campaign, MediBuddy will also be launching the biggest healthcare sale – ‘Freedom Sale’ on its platform to encourage individuals to stay at home and look after their health. Through this sale, individuals will be eligible to avail up to 75% discount on all services available on the platform. MobiKwik and Airtel Payments Bank users may avail of additional discounts on all services such as MediBuddy Gold subscription, lab tests, medicine delivery, vaccination, and online doctor consultation.

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