Medimix reminds digital consumers of its traditional goodness with a customised Influencer campaign

Medimix reminds digital consumers of its traditional goodness with a customised Influencer campaign

Medimix, with its focus on traditions and health, has been a trusted consumer favourite for over five decades and to continue its foray into the digital world, they recently tied up with, a brand-strategy-led influencer marketing agency, to highlight the benefits of its Anti Pimple Face Wash. Bringing together influencers from various categories, the brand was able to craft a campaign to educate consumers about acne & healthy skin tips, while also showcasing how Medimix should be a part of every Indian woman’s skincare routine.

As per industry benchmarks, the brand has seen tremendous success in both reach and engagement metrics, with an engagement rate (ER) that’s twice the industry standards and an Organic Reach Rate (ORR) almost triple that seen in competitor campaigns. It serves as a reminder that no matter how ‘traditional’ the brand may seem, it always helps to find new ways to inform and reach the consumers before someone else does. As a long-time leader in the Indian personal care products segment, Medimix has also been a pioneer in consistently utilising the latest mediums to reach its audience. Influencer campaigns are no different and should serve as a benchmark for brand campaigns to come.

“Good Influencer Marketing campaigns are all in the execution. No matter how good the concepts are, you need a reliable agency partner to help see it through. We’re excited to see the results of our first campaign with flynt and are currently looking at how we can be consistent and focused with our IM Campaigns going forward. Exciting times ahead!”, said Ashish Ohlyan, Vice President at Sales and Marketing at Cholayil Private Limited.

“There is a huge demand for natural, Ayurvedic skin and hair care products. For a nascent influencer marketing agency such as ourselves, it’s thrilling to help introduce or just refamiliarise people with Medimix, one of India’s most trusted brands in this space! We have set high standards for ourselves with this one and we hope to pull off even better campaigns with Medimix in the coming months!”, said Anshul Duggal, CEO & Founder

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