#MenAtWork, India Gate Foods celebrating gender neutral homemakers

#MenAtWork, India Gate Foods celebrating the gender neutral homemakers during lockdown

In this new normal of self-isolation and social distancing, Staying home, without the luxury of domestic help to fulfill our needs, every member of the family has had to rise to the occasion making themselves invaluable. Whether it is the woman or man, boy or girl, brother or sister, there has been a very positive change inside many homes. In that sense every member of the house is now a HOMEMAKER. For the very first time, m/SIX Content+ in partnership with Blush decided to collaborate with India Gate Foods to celebrate & honor their partners for rising up to the occasion and breaking the gender stereotypes during these hard times. The Men of our Homes.

The lockdown has seen fathers, husbands, brothers & sons actively participating in the domestic chores and helping out in the home. Whether it is cleaning or cooking or taking care of the kids, they have really shown us these ‘jobs’ have nothing to do with the gender. And if their heart is in a good place i.e. to treat the home as their own and help their partners, they really do contribute to a happy household and by extension as well balanced & happy society at large. They have also become appreciative of those who do this day in, day out whether it is a ‘homemaker’, stay at home mom or husband, it is a full time job to take care of the house and the family and there has never been a better moment to appreciate this valuable job.

Ayush Gupta, Business Head KRBL said “Caring for each-other, family bonding and rising up to the situation are some of the core brand values of India Gate Foods, which made this association a seamless brand fit to showcase the positive shift of traditional gender roles with everyone in the household a homemaker in the current scenario”.

m/SIX India Head Saket Sinha added that, “the initiative strongly ties back to the brand ethos and also seamlessly allows the product to be a part of the story”. m/SIX India handles the social & digital media mandate for India Gate Foods.  

Curated entirely from home videos, these touching visuals will be combined with an emotional audio narrative celebrating these wonderful men in our lives making this content an ode to all the ‘homemakers’, whether male or female.

This Gender Blender is a welcoming change and we hope this new normal is here to stay long after the world is free of the pandemic.

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