Milagrow is augmenting its marketing arm by launching a video campaign

Milagrow launches video campaign

To contribute towards a future with lesser human intervention in addressing daily chores, a leading robotic brand, Milagrow in a bid, is augmenting its marketing arm and launching a powerful video campaign for 2021-22.  A series of powerful communication will feature in the campaign emphasizing taking the brand’s all variants of robots to various customer segments across India, especially the floor cleaning category and this will be led by the Former President of Mullen Lintas(Delhi) Syed Amjad.

As people experienced domestic help constraints amid concerns during the pandemic, Milagrow witnessed the market exploding for its floor cleaning robots from residential sectors and other service robots. The brand achieved the entire turnover of what it did in 2019, in just the four months of the lockdown. The growth rate was 723% in the July-September quarter which went more than 2,000% by the month of October. The demand for these products initially came from the metro cities but with the lockdown and pandemic hitting the world, smaller cities too joined the bandwagon of purchasing robot floor cleaners.

Announcing the new initiative, Mr. Rajeev Karwal, Chairman Milagrow Robots said, “Milagrow has been the pioneer in the field of Robotics since 2011 & has numerous firsts to its credit. Even as we operate in pathbreaking technology like AI, Deep learning, etc., we have always ensured that all our robots are considered humane. Our robots understand the user’s needs and do the tasks empathetically. Milagrow’s heart beats for humanity and all its robots are launched after a lot of research. The new brand identity and the new commercial convey this passion. The company will be spending at least 15% of its revenue on advertising and marketing in the coming financial year”.

Mr. Karwal also mentioned that it has tied up with Catalysts’ founded by former Mullen Lintas President Syed Amjad Ali. Catalysts will act as an outsourced marketing arm of Milagrow.

Milagrow is now working on expanding its product portfolio, having identified these shifting consumer trends and also expanding its distribution network to further grow its business. To create meaningful communication as part of the new marketing campaign, the brand has leveraged the insights based on consumer behaviour.

‘Milagrow Robots is at the heart of lifestyle transformation,’ says Syed Amjad Ali. ‘There is a tremendous opportunity for the brand to introduce a new way of living and to become a credible voice for freeing humans from the bondage of household chores. This is the purpose that the Milagrow Robots will stand for. It’s a dream opportunity for any marketer or a communication specialist to lead a brand and align it to its purpose,’ he adds.

A brand new logo featuring a shape of a heart has also been introduced through this campaign which symbolizes the belief that technology should be humane and be able to uplift humanity for better things than being stuck in menial jobs. With the launch of the logo, the new marketing communication aims to touch the top 50 cities before March 2021 end. The tagline ‘Think Robots. Think Milagrow’ is carried by the new logo and it defines that it is strongly associated with initiating the robotic revolution in India and that its intention is to become a generic name in the world of robots.

Watch the video here.

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