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Milk Mantra Dairy’s new TVC ‘Paribartan’

MediaInfoline November 23, 2015

The choice a consumer makes in choosing Truly Pure milk can have a deep and widespread impact on rural farmer lives which will bring a “Paribartan”. This will have a dual impact – consumer families, especially children will get proper nutrition and the farmers will be economically impacted by getting the right price for the milk. Milk Mantra’s new TVC encourages consumers to make the healthy and right choice.

This initiative comes at a time when the sale of powder milk in Odisha amounts to Rs.1500 crore annually. Not only are a huge number of people in Odisha not having fresh & nutritious milk, none of this Rs.1500 crore reaches the farmers in Odisha as all of this milk powder comes from various developed states – at the expense of farmers here.

Milk Mantra preceded the TVC campaign with an extensive store and outdoor branding that laid just the kind of foundation that a campaign like “Paribartan” deserved. Odiya actor Kuna Tripathy has been associated with the brand for a long time, and has successfully added to the trust and reliability factor of the brand. In fact, the actor’s reputation for standing up for just and righteous causes complements Milk Mantra’s own principles and makes him the perfect brand ambassador to promote a healthy and pure lifestyle. Mr. Kuna Trripathy, “When they offered me to be the ambassador of the product I personally used it for one month and only when I was personally satisfied that Milky Moo is better than all other brands did I endorse it. Secondly, being with Milky Moo suits my image in the minds of people in Odisha – truthfulness, being pure and doing good. I personally don’t use powder milk no matter how big the brand – it spoils the natural taste of tea and coffee. Milky Moo is the only fresh milk pouch that has the taste of pure milk and someone who has tasted pure cow milk would recognise that.”

Highlighting the key messaging of the communication, Srikumar Misra,Founder, Milk Mantra, said, “Paribartan is aimed at bringing about a behavioural and attitudinal change in the dairy consuming habits of Odiya households. Milky Moo is truly pure and unadulterated and brings nutrition & nourishment to families. Dairy has the capacity to impact farmer lives in a sustainable way only when consumers exercise the right choice. With our Ethical Milk Sourcing, in 4 years we already have 35,000 farmers from Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Sambalpur & Bargarh districts and have established a fair and transparent payment system directly in farmer hands.

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Milk Mantra gave the mandate for the TVC to Prelude Novel Ventures. This was a follow up to the previous immensely popular “Khanti Khira” campaign done by the agency with Milk Mantra. On the experience of making this TVC, Sameer Hans of Prelude said, “We have worked together in the past and it’s always a great experience to collaborate with a brand that’s a game changer. After many deliberations with Milk Mantra, crafted the key message of “khnati khira ko paribartit huantu” and have used the highest technical standard in shooting the TVC.


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