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Motilal Oswal AMC launches ‘The Minimalist Investor’ Campaign

MediaInfoline June 26, 2020

With all the current complexities and uncertainties around us, the minimalist lifestyle is gaining increasing acceptance. As in life, so too in investing. MAOMC has been one of the pioneers in Index Fund investing; a category with many similarities in investing approach to minimalism. They have hence come out with a campaign promoting Index Funds titled ‘The Minimalist Investor’.

The campaign by Motilal Oswal is set to educate investors about the emerging Index Investing category by using the concept of Minimalist Investing.

The prolonged lockdown owing to the pandemic has led to a major behaviour and attitudinal shift in consumers. The campaign provides a demonstration of how investing can be simplified and explains how index funds are simple and frugal and how they help create wealth in the long term so Investors need not get confused with complex portfolios, the nitty-gritties of fund manager selection and also increased fund management costs.

There is an innate similarity between Index Investing and the minimalism trend. Both rely on simplicity of choice, frugality in approach and are good for you over a period of time. This metaphor is what we decided to leverage to educate investors about the emerging Index Fund category in Mutual Fundssays Mr. Ramnik Chhabra, Executive Director Marketing at Motilal Oswal Financial Service Ltd.

The campaign is aimed to intrigue the new-age audience and therefore narrates through taglines that will engage viewers and provoke thoughts, like – ‘Once you need less, you will have more,’ ‘’the long-term peace of less surpasses the short-term thrill of more.’ Amongst others are ‘Own less. Do more.’ The campaign touch points includes digital, email and WhatsApp.



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