Motilal Oswal brings out Audio Campaign: “Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series”

Motilal Oswal brings out Audio Campaign: “Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series”

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL), India’s leading financial services company, has launched an audio campaign ‘Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series’ to promote its mobile app as a holistic wealth management format that offers advice and investment choices across different asset classes such as equity, F&O, insurance, mutual funds, PMS, commodity, currency, etc.

‘Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series’ comes soon after the success of the campaign – ‘Financial Mall’ where the objective was to educate the investors to take pragmatic control of their investments which is in line with the financial needs and avoid falling into the phase of illusion owing to mis-selling of financial products which may be a misfit.

The objective of the new audio campaign is to further build on the core theme established through the previous campaign by creating content nuggets that act as reminders and find relatable references for the audience on digital platforms. The reminders referred here are in the context we have best known for years – unsolicited calls. ‘Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series’ are situations from everyday life where we are hard-sold wrong investment products. There are three episodes – one each from insurance, real estate, and penny stocks.

Varun Mundra, Vice – President – Brand & Product Marketing, MOFSL said, “We took a native platform approach to engage with our digital audience through a unique audio-only messaging called ‘Ajab Selling ki Gajab Kahani Series’. These audio-only series are digital renditions of our core campaign, striking chord in the manner we best understand – unsolicited calls in everyday setup. Nudging the listeners to be careful and not fall for lucrative sounding financial opportunities which may be misfit and fatal in long term

The 3-part series are going live from 20th June onwards across Motilal Oswal’s social media channels.

Published Campaign Link: Click here

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