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Motilal Oswal Financial Services launches a new campaign- ‘PHYGITAL’

MediaInfoline July 6, 2020

Recent WFH has emphasised the need to transact digitally. However recent stock market volatility has also emphasised the need for advice while investing. This is especially true for the millions of new investors who have entered the markets and are susceptible to the dangers of trading without advice.

Considering the need of an hour, Motilal Oswal Financial Services launched a campaign promoting its service that combines the speed and convenience of online investing with the research and customised advisory through an advisor available on call i.e ‘PHYGITAL’.

As a full service broker, Motilal Oswal Financial Services differentiates itself by providing not just cutting edge digital trading through its habit sensitive separate Investor & Trader apps, it also provides an advisor on call to help understanding the research and advise across the whole suite of investing products. The advisor acts not just as a market expert decoding reams of information into actionable investing, he/she also acts as a sounding board and counsellor – especially important during volatile markets where emotions can get the better of anyone.

“A value added experience is one where the service is configured around customers’ needs. Equity as an asset class has low penetration with new investors being added every day. This requires both rational analysis and emotional discipline to succeed. The combination of digital convenience with advisor analysis/counselling/insight that a PHYGITAL experience provides helps fulfil these needs”.To make the PHYGITAL proposition come alive, we have created a campaign across touch points on the benefits of the PHYGITAL investing experience.” said Mr. Ramnik Chhabra, Executive Director Marketing at Motilal Oswal Financial Service Ltd.

The campaign has a distinct look and tagline to engage audience to experience the advantage of both worlds, Digital & Physical. The campaign touch points include digital and social media, email and WhatsApp messaging.

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