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MTV slams homophobes this Valentine’s Day with its new campaign

MediaInfoline February 13, 2017

It’s funny how we Indians are carelessly indifferent to the disgusting things people shamelessly do in public and find it perfectly alright. However, we do get utterly repulsed at the thought of or by the visual of two men holding hands. Why such hypocrisy? MTV as a brand has always been at the forefront and supported issues that matter to the youth. Being the voice of the young, MTV has taken the ownership of making the hard- hitting point about the duplicitous view we have for love this Valentine’s Day with its new campaign. The channel has put together visuals of the disgusting things that people don’t mind others do in public but the thought of two men in love somehow disgusts them out of their wits. This is not the first time MTV has given us some food for thought on why we need to be an ally and advocate for the LGBT community. The channel has rightly raised questions on why we turn a blind eye to the obnoxious things people do while the visual of two lovers holding hands unanimously repels us. How can love be chhee?

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