New ad campaign by reiterates the brand’s USP

Leading online restaurant has launched a two-film ad campaign which clearly establishes that is the go-to place for a choice of international cuisine.  

The first ad film showcases the joy of group eating in the most delectable way! When out for parties or dinners, we often tend to compromise on our choice of food by giving-in to order what others on the table want. But with a range of meal boxes designed to cater to diverse taste buds and appetite, makes group eating a fun experience. Here’s the link of the film:

Speaking about the campaign, Rashmi Daga, Founder/CEO, said, “Today’s aspirational urban Indian is looking for all kinds of new experiences, cuisine being an important one among them. People are happily stepping out of their comfort zones when it comes to food, as is clearly seen by the trend in increased consumption of dishes from hitherto ‘non-mainstream’ countries like Cuba, Portugal, Ethiopia and so on. FreshMenu by virtue of its format makes it very easy for customers to have access to these cuisines in the most convenient way. Our huge variety of cuisines also makes us a natural fit for group ordering situations – where everyone gets to order what they like without compromising for the sake of the majority. So, FreshMenu encourages people to eat different – while still eating together.”

The second film takes the consumers on an international cuisine trip from the comfort of their homes with a daily- changing menu. Here’s the link of the film:

Adding about the campaign, Aparna Mahesh, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “At FreshMenu, we endeavour to provide our consumers with exciting food options. With a daily changing-menu and tastefully curated dishes from across the globe, caters to the aspirational urban Indians who are up for experiments and crave for something new on their plates every day. The new ad campaigns reiterate the brand’s offerings and USP.”

Speaking about his experience of making the films, Durgesh Tanna, Creative Director, Circus Elephants, said “FreshMenu is a fantastic brand, a very unique concept in F&B Industry. From their daily changing menu to authentic global cuisines, it offers so much that’s not known to the local foodies. The challenge was to present it in a way that is more relevant to masses and yet not losing the classy international feel. Every person is unique and so are their food choices. The trial is when you decide to dine together and can’t come to a single choice. The idea already was there, for I have (sure that everyone has) been through the situation, the solution was not. With the brief coming from FreshMenu, we just knew what we had to do.”  


Creative Agency – Circus Elephants

Client –

Creative Director- Durgesh Tanna

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