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A new campaign of Men of Platinum to honor men who are rare

Madhushree Chakrabarty December 8, 2020

The new campaign of Men of Platinum celebrates the men of character and values who stand by their moments of truth. With this campaign, Men of Platinum launched a new collection of men’s platinum jewellery. This is a 360 degree campaign that will be featured on TV, Print, Digital and Influencer outreach.

The ad film begins with two friends discussing about the revival and upward trend in business after the pandemic situation. One of them suggests the other that he could have made more profit he downsizes his staff. But the protagonist, the man of character, contradicts saying that success should be redefined, in a year like this he will carry all of his staff along with him throughout these unprecedented times.

Shining the spotlight on the campaign narrative, Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International (India) stated, “This pandemic has been a challenging time across the sphere of life – when it comes to men  I think it challenged some notions of masculinity & also leadership. We saw leadership take the wrong stance in combating challenges across countries and companies too.  We saw the wrong notions of masculinity lead to damaging outcomes. For us, as platinum – a metal anchored in rare it was important to applaud & celebrate the other side of this narrative. Showcasing men who re-casted their role in their personal & professional lives. Setting exemplary examples of what happens when one is guided by the right set of values when empathy, compassion & courage rule your mind. Men of Platinum are the ones who came through on the test of character that adversity threw at them.”

Speaking on the concept of the brand film, Hayden Scott, Group Creative Director, Famous Innovations, adds, “Keeping with the current times, our film showcases a typical scenario being faced by most corporates and individuals, with business heads being coerced to make difficult decisions. It is only a select few who remain unfazed by these challenges and are able to adapt to this ‘new normal’ without comprising on their integrity. This film showcases a similar moment of truth, elevating a business head to a true leader while seamlessly weaving in the values that Men of Platinum stands for – courage, honesty & integrity! “

Watch the new campaign of Men of Platinum here.


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