Never miss deal with Missed Caller! New innovation from Dentsu Webchutney

Cafe TC Missed Caller

Café TC and Dentsu Webchutney launched a new campaign to make people aware of ‘Not 2 B Missed Deals’ using Truecaller in an innovative way.

Friday night is party night. Bars and restaurants run exclusive deals and offers in order to get maximum footfalls. These deals are communicated to people using various conventional mediums including – SMS, e-mails, IM messages and calls to name a few.

In December, Café TC launched an exclusive set of Friday Night deals – Not 2 B Missed Deals. It tasked Dentsu Webchutney to ensure that the deals are communicated effectively.

Watch the video: here

The agency arrived on the insight that more than the received calls, it is the missed calls that capture the attention of people. Missed calls make people curious and they want to know who called and why. They look up unknown callers on Truecaller which now commands a user base of 250 million. By putting missed calls and Truecaller together, Dentsu Webchutney created Missed Caller – World’s First Free Promo on Truecaller. For this, 5 unique profiles were created each week. Every profile represented an offer. A special bot gave people a missed call from each number. When people checked the numbers on Truecaller, they saw the deals from Café TC.  This simple media innovation turned patrons’ Truecaller call log into Café TC’s offer menu.

Gaurav Soral, Founder, Café TC said, “When the team told me that they want to use Truecaller, I quickly asked them about the ad size, placement, costing and things like that. The team requested me to let them finish. And when they did, the idea got us all very excited.”

The campaign was designed to run for the festive moth of December. But, with the response it has received, the campaign will continue for the months to come. The campaign was successful in achieving 35% rise in footfalls and 22% increase in sales.

Sudesh Samaria, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Dentsu Webchutney added, “We are always looking for new technology, new platforms and new ways of using existing platforms. Missed Caller is a showcase of our ability to tell stories effectively using cutting-edge innovation.”

The bot used Truecaller’s Flash Feature in a unique way. By turning the flash feature on and off, it made Café TC’s deals stand out even more.

Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney said, “We take a lot of pride in insightful innovations. Missed Caller is one more example of our customer-centric thinking. We created a platform innovation and coupled it with a bot to create a campaign that’s as disruptive as it can get.”


Chief Creative Officer – Sudesh Samaria

Chief Creative Technologist – Gurbaksh Singh

Associate Creative Director – Vishal Sagar

Art Director – Sachin Kumar

Interactive Lead – Hemant Kumar

Agency Junior Producer – Thanglalson Ngaihte & Sumantra Talukdar

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