News18 Assam Northeast’s Anti Tobacco Conversations aims at creating awareness around cancer

News18 Assam Northeast’s Anti Tobacco Conversations

In recent years, certain areas of Assam and its neighbouring North-East states have witnessed a sudden surge of cancer cases among different communities. One of the most prevalent reasons is the widespread consumption of tobacco, betel nuts, and betel leaves and substance abuse on a day-to-day basis by the locals. The need of the hour is to go to the grassroots level and change the perception of tobacco usage among the users. As a brand that is synonymous with bringing accurate and vital news to its viewers, News18 Assam-Northeast has taken it upon itself to highlight this concerning issue and pave the road to find a suitable way out of it. In line with this, the channel is educating the people about the long-lasting negative effects of tobacco consumption and other substance abuse through their month-long programme, Anti Tobacco Conversations, which will be aired every Saturday at 2:30 PM, till May 31.

Through this initiative, the News18 Assam-Northeast will dive deep into the leading causes of cancer and bring to the fore how certain lifestyle changes can keep the dreaded disease at bay. Experts’ panels comprising of medical experts, scientists and survivors will discuss the right diet, exercises, mindfulness and techniques to self-detect certain types of cancers. This will help people not to allow any sort of alleviation of the deadly disease but detect it early on to improve the survival rate.

The initiative, Anti Tobacco Conversations, will conclude on May 31, 2022, on Anti-Tobacco Day and will encourage viewers to consider the day as a new beginning towards a healthier and cancer-free living. To know more, don’t miss this special show every Saturday.

About News18 Assam North East:
News18 Assam North East is a 24-hour satellite channel of Assam, based in Guwahati, Assam. The channel focuses Assam and other North Eastern states of India, and tagged as News 18 Assam North East. This channel is owned by Network 18 group. It covers regional as well as national and international news and various other shows in Assamese and English. The channel was launched on 24 June 2016.

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