Nilon’s expresses gratitude towards farmers with #KhetSePlateTak campaign


Good food is all about great ingredients, and the greatest ingredient one can add to food is love. On the occasion of Kisaan Diwas, Nilon’s celebrates the source of the ‘Pyaar’ that is reflected in our food – the farmers. From sowing the seeds to growing the crop, farmers attend to their fields like a parent attends to a child. Nilon’s with a heart-touching campaign Video #KhetSePlateTak depicts how the farmer is the epicenter of the food that we have on our plates today.

As a food company that sources a significant amount of raw materials from the farms, we express our heartfelt gratitude towards all of the farmers who put in their sweat and hard work to ensure we get food on our table every day.

Happy Kissan Diwas

Campaign Links:

#KhetSePlateTak campaign: 

To watch the video on Youtube: Click here

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Campaign Credits:

  • Brand Name: Nilon’s
  • Campaign Name: #KhetSePlateTak
  • Campaign elements: Digital Content
  • Creative agency: Ogilvy India

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