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NutriChoice Digestive encourages India to make one good choice every day for 7days

MediaInfoline February 12, 2018

Britannia NutriChoice has just launched its first digital-only activation – ‘7Days7Choices’. This new activation aims to extend the new TV communication campaign ‘Power of a Good Choice’ to the digital medium and inspire people to start making good choices every day.

The brand’s point of view is built on the insight that when we undertake something healthy, although the results may take time, the feeling of satisfaction on having started something healthy is immediate. The brand has extended this thought on digital by creating a series of videos with the objective of motivating Indians to make good choices.

The digital videos showcase a series of situations that portray our popular misconceptions about living healthy. Most people expect any good or healthy choice to be filled with hard work and no joy. However, the videos challenge this misconception by showing the heady feeling of satisfaction that one experiences when one starts something healthy. Through a series of these ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ videos, NutriChoice aims to inspire people to start making healthy choices.

Britannia NutriChoice truly believes that starting with a good choice, however small, helps you lead a healthier life. The digital activation also extends this same belief by motivating people to make one good choice every day for only 7 days, by way of #7Days7Choices challenge. The belief is that once we make a good choice for a period of 7 days, it automatically becomes a part of our life, owing to the great feeling one experiences.

Britannia NutriChoice has released a total of 4 different situations and a longer format video that encompasses all 4 situations together.

Ali Harris Shere, VP – Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd. had this to say – “Britannia NutriChoice as a brand has always propagated making healthier choices. With this digital campaign, the brand is making a clear shift to a purpose led communication. The intent is to inspire people to start on their health journeys with the promise of feeling good immediately. That feeling and the subsequent motivation to push oneself forward is a strong insight that will resonate greatly with our consumers.”

Priya Shivakumar, Vice President and Executive Creative Director, JWT added, “In a digital marketplace cluttered with content on healthy living, we had to take our proposition of starting good choices and make people want to engage with it. We asked ourselves what keeps people from starting good choices. The answer’s simple, they’ve made up their mind that making a good choice is difficult. So, what we needed to do is remind them of the great feeling that can override any hardship while making a good choice. We decided to take on the internet’s favourite ‘Expectation vs Reality’ videos and give it a fun twist – instead of showing banal and drab realities like the videos in that format, we did exactly the opposite. Our video shows people with the ‘Expectation’ of encountering a hardship while doing something healthy, and then juxtaposes that with the ‘Reality’ or a great feeling induced by the same healthy activity!”

Watch it: here

Campaign Credits:

Creative Agency: J Walter Thompson Bangalore

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar

Executive Creative Director: Priya Shivakumar

Creative Team: Saagarika Shenoy, Pradeep Ravindran, Ashwin Lingan

Client Servicing team: Tiraz Balaporia, Kirti Verma, Saira Riyaz, Anand Madhan

Production house: Do Creative Labs

Director: Sahith Anand

Music Director: Raka Ashok


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