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Ogilvy Mumbai campaign for Pidilite’s ‘Khushiyon ke chand pal’

MediaInfoline November 20, 2017

Fevikwik, the instant adhesive brand from Pidilite Industries, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Khushiyon ke chand pal’. The humourous 20-second spots depict a woman being unexpectedly appreciated by her loved ones for repairing different things in the household.

The campaign, conceived by Ogilvy Mumbai through a series of films with Fevikwik sense of humour, highlights the versatility of Fevikwik in fixing anything, from toys to ‘jhumka’ to a ‘mandir ki ghanti’. It talks about how Fevikwik can not only fix broken objects but also cement the bonds between husband and wife, mother and son, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries: A woman is at the heart of every family. But very often she goes unappreciated for the little things she does around the household, including repairing broken things at home that are a favourite to  family members. The new TVCs, in a humorous way, appreciate this role that the woman plays by bringing back things to life through repairs and creating little moments of joy.

The TV campaign will be supported by an integrated digital marketing campaign. Apart from outdoors and increased visibility at trade outlets, there will also be a number of demand generation initiatives to reap maximum advantage of the new TVC.

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Ogilvy South Asia: Fevikwik has always created wonders and various moments of joy for enormous number of consumers. The ‘Khushiyon ke chand pal’ (moments of happiness) campaign depicts that this instant-bonding adhesive is a perfect partner for every housewife to have cherished moments and fix any kind of day-to-day things.

The storyline:

TVC 1: The film opens with a kid eating at the dining table.  He suddenly calls out, “Mummy, Karela aur dena.”  His request for more Karela surprises his mother. A voiceover is heard in the background, “Aisa roz roz nahi hota hai”. The film goes into a flashback where the mother is shown fixing the kids’s favorite toy car using Fevikwik. A voice over in the background says, “Yeh aaj sirf isliye hua hain kyonki Mummy ne bitto ki favorite car Jodi Hai Fevikwik Se.” The TVC ends with the kid sitting at the table asking for Karela with a grin on his face. The voiceover kicks in, “Khushiyon ke chand pal, sirf 5 rupaiye mein. Fevikwik.”

TVC 2: The film opens with a woman on the treadmill. Her mother-in-law walks up to her with a glass of juice in her hand, not something she usually does. A voiceover plays, “Aisa roz roz nahi hota hai.” The film goes into a flashback showing the woman fixing the mother-in-law’s  broken bell using Fevikwik.  The voiceover kicks in, “Khushiyon ke chand pal, sirf 5 rupaiye mein. Fevikwik.” 


Client: Pidilite Industries

Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai
Creative: Piyush Pandey & team

Account Management: Vivek Verma, Pranay Merchant, Sriyanta Ghosh, Yesha Shah
Production House: Corcoise Films private limited

Director: Prasoon Pandey

Producer: Cyrus Pagdiwala


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