Ogilvy creates new campaign for The Hindu – Wildlife Conservation Day

Ogilvy creates new campaign for The Hindu - Wildlife Conservation Day

The Hindu has gained the reputation of being India’s trustworthy English daily by staying true to its values of journalistic integrity. Over the years, the Hindu and its agency partner, Ogilvy Bangalore, have actively championed various environmental causes through strongly worded campaigns. Ogilvy’s new work for The Hindu lends a voice to the voiceless yet again. On World Wildlife Conservation Day, The Hindu featured an obituary section of a different kind. ‘The Other Obituary’ grieves the loss of flora and fauna that were killed due to human intervention. As the earth undergoes its sixth mass extinction, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the alarming number of brutalities against wildlife. It blends facts from real news stories with fictional elements to hit home the pressing need for wildlife conservation. By humanising animals and plants, The Hindu’s new campaign tugs at the hearts of its readers and encourages them to do their bit to save wildlife.

The Other Obituary was released through their newspaper on 4th December 2022 and as a series of tweets (to announce the deaths) through The Hindu’s official handle. Through their reader engagement initiative, The Hindu invites readers to write in about the human-caused deaths of animals, birds, reptiles and plants in their vicinities. These stories will be featured every week in ‘The Other Obituaries’ section online.

Sharat Kuttikat, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy India (South): “Losing a loved one is an agonising experience; the loss of any member of our extended families from the wild should feel no different. In this context, ‘The Other Obituary’ is a provocative piece and the need of the hour. By reporting deaths of animals, birds and our precious natural resources, we hope the section brings into focus human cruelty and negligence that needs to stop.”


Chief Creative Officer – Ogilvy South: Puneet Kapoor
President – Ogilvy South: Tithi Ghosh
Group Creative Director: Sharat Kuttikat
VP – Account Management: Mahesh Menon
Account Management team: Elizabeth Mathew & Gauri More
Sr. Creative Director: Sreejita Chakraborty
Associate Creative Director: Parvathy Rajmohan
Art Director: Vaishakh Kolaprath
Copy Supervisor & Writer: Miriam Coelin Paul
Junior Copywriter: Ronak Tiwari

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